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Aspiration Essay

One of my aspirations is to study perfectly in the college. 'Perfectly' does not mean perfect scores. I hope to pursue a rich and active college experience. Compared to other students, I'm not the most intellective one, but I always keep in mind that where there is a will, there is a way. I believe everyone is dissatisfied with his own fortune in some aspect or to some degree, and I am not an exception. I think graduating from high school is my opportunity and it pushed me to choose an excellent college. This helps me to lay a considerable and well-thought foundation for further development.

I was raised in an ordinary family. When I was a child, my first goal was to meet my parents’ hopes and expectations about me. My grandparents had no chance to finish their high school, and both of my parents finished their college depending only on themselves, so my they tried to cultivate independence in me from the early childhood. They always encouraged me to make decisions on my own, from choosing what to wear when I was a child to the choice of which college I am to apply now. They also allow me to learn on my own mistakes while I grow and become older. I'm a person with a wide range of interests, and I take efforts to stimulate my own development. I like to express myself in art, for example, in carving rubber and freehand sketching. Also, I studied a computer program of Photoshop to make some holiday cards for my friends. I like reading novels in my free time, because books and reading allow me to create my own little world of imagination. I also studied the C programming language to create basic games, and learned Flash to make some short animation. I will use my skills to help people and be useful for society. I am sure I can join the campus life successfully, and will the college the best of me.

I was educated in my native culture first, and now I receive an American-style education. Studying in a foreign country, I faced the culture conflict. I was not good at communication when I first came to the U.S, but I gradually adapted and integrated into the school society. I willingly participate in various kind of extracurricular activities, and this has enriched my own amateurish life and opened up my own vision. I volunteered to be a tutor at the Santa Barbara central library. I teach kids and help them with their homework. At the beginning, my spoken English was poor, and I could hardly translate my thoughts into words. This was a tough challenge, but I enjoyed it. As children's tutor, I am responsible for leading them to find a method to finish their homework instead of providing answers. From this experience of helping others, I greatly improve fluency in English. In my opinion, Chinese education gave me a serious attitude toward every class. This …

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