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Certificate IV in Fitness – Complete Personal Trainer

Assignment 5.3: Small business planning

Service of complete physical training solutions involving psychological and physiological testing of an individual and applying the techniques of constructive conflict resolution.The MarketTarget market:The service is sold to the people who lead a sitting way of life or have problems with obesity and other health problems.Marketing strategy:The customers will be attracted by the ultimate quality of the service involving psychological testing to match with a certain training techniques and personal characteristics of trainers; physiological testing to find the most effective and harmless techniques and providing possibilities for location choice by the clients, since the company will utilize the premises of third-party organizations.

The FutureVision statement:

To become the recognized organization in the industry with 1000 of highly professional members across the country by bringing ultimate physical training experiences to people according to the most advanced methods in the industry and by fostering the development and well-being of every individual within the organization.

Goals/objectives: The short-term goal: to build the core of the organization in the first year of development, achieve the total annual revenue of 1 500 000 in the first year, establish the company’s corporate site, database, office and core individuals to develop extensively in the period of next ten years.

Long-term goal: to become the recognized organization in the industry with 1000 of highly professional members across the country.The FinancesTotal annual revenue for the year 2015-16 – 1500000 dollars.Total costs for the year 2015-16 – 1371000 dollars. The money will be obtained from the partners. I will contribute 30% of the initial funds of the company.

The Business

Business details

Products/services: My business is connected with services of personal training. The service will presuppose a complete physical training solution involving psychological and physiological testing and constructive conflict resolution techniques, as conflicts represent the main reasons for personal dissatisfaction with the services of personal training (Deutsch, 1994; Friedman et al., 2000). The service will be available in different locations. The service will be offered to the people who want to improve their overall state of personal health caused by the sitting way of life, as well as manage certain physical limitations and disabilities, achieve personal fitness goals, improve appearances and learn information about personal fitness. The demand for the services is significant, as the contemporary way of life poses numerous threats on the human health, which can only be overcome in the course of physical exercising. People who have a sitting job have problems with curved spine, which leads to bad lungs ventilation and, consequentially, brain activity (, 2015). Sitting also effects digestion processes, forces muscle degeneration and organs damage, such as heart and pancreas, leading to heart diseases and diabetes, the most severe health problems of the 21 century. These health problems determine the demand for the service of personal training in the future. Moreover, it is stated that the demand for the profession of personal trainers has been increasing by 5,2% during the last five years and is expected to maintain …

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