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Persuasive Message to the President

Dear President of the United States of America,

I appreciate what you have done for our country. It is suffering hard times since the economic crisis in 2008. Nevertheless, you do all your best to overcome this issue and uplift our society in both economic and cultural aspects. However, despite the fact that everything looks right and smooth from the outside, the current situation on the streets of the United States is far from being perfect. Indigent neighborhoods are getting poorer each day, while prices for essential goods are rising constantly. Moreover, the streets of these neighborhoods are overcrowded with drug dealers whose ranks are regularly replenished by teenagers who are not able to pay for their education.

The problem is obvious, while the economy of the Unites States of America is slowly recovering from the dramatic events of 2008, it will take too much time to efficiently address the areas mentioned before.In my opinion, legalization of drugs is the apparent solution of the prevailing problem. Validation of light drugs such as marijuana is able to fund our economy with millions of dollars each year. Since the number of marijuana smokers is particularly high in the US, its legalization will bring enormous income.

This huge amount of money could be successfully invested in the schooling sphere to make the process of obtaining education more accessible for lower social class. In addition, legalization of drugs can also weaken local drug dealers. Since marijuana will be available legally, there will be no sense in buying it on the streets.

Mr. Obama, I ask you to consider this proposal, assuring you that I have nothing in common with this particular industry and do not seek personal benefit.

Yours Faithfully,

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