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Pestle Analysis of Zifty

PESTLE analysis is a tool used in strategic analysis tool in making decisions about a company. PESTLE analysis makes an analysis of the environment that business will be found. The paper will do an analysis of Zifty Company. Zifty is a business that is based online and partners with restaurants found locally and other brands to ensure their products get to the doorstep of the customer. That provides efficiency, speedy delivery, and convenience to the customers ( analysis. The analysis makes use of six environments that affect business. The environments include the following;

Political environment.

The political environment will affect the company of ZIFTY. This is true in a case where when the political stage changes, the new political team may come up with new strategies of doing things which may include legislation of the industry or increased taxation. In Atlanta, the political environment is cool and conducive for business by Zifty. However, some countries are faced with political instability, and such countries would not be conducive to doing business (Peng, 2003).Economic environmentBusiness should be located in a location where people are economically stable to ensure that they have money to spend on deliveries. In Atlanta, people prefer having home deliveries, and that is an advantage for the company because they will have increased revenue.

Social environment.

The social environment is the environment in which people reside, their behaviour, and wants. Business should be an environment in which the residents have a social acceptance of the goods or services been offered by a company. The business should also ensure that people have a habit of making orders via home delivery. Ion Atlanta, the residents, accept home deliveries and that is an advantage to Zifty Company because people will ask for their services (Newman, 2000).

Technological environment.

The technological environment is the level of technology that exists in the industry. In the current era, technology is fast growing and changing. That means that a business should invest in technology so that they can have a competitive advantage over its competitors. Zifty Company can work to improve their technology by improving ways in which the customers can make a delivery. The company should have a working communication system with the suppliers to ensure that there are no delays that may anger the customers.Legal environmentThis is the environment in which a business operates on the side of legislation. Business should ensure that it complies with the policies that exist regarding an industry. That will ensure that business is not facing by litigations that may end up in the payment of court fines, and penalties. Business should also ensure that it complies with any tax obligations that are placed on industry by the government. Failure to comply with tax laws usually leads to heavy penalties that may affect the cash flow position of a company (Hackman, 2006).

Environmental policies

Business should also make an analysis of the policies that exist regarding environmental conversation. The business should ensure that it complies with government …

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