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Philosophy of Education

The role of school in society can be hardly overestimated. School lays down the foundation of society by developing its young member’ worldview, skills, knowledge, character, communication, and abilities. These are key parts of human personality, which, by structuring the individual, determine what people society is made of. Therefore, the purpose of education is developing a human personality in a creative way and helping every individual to find out what career or occupation is best for him or her.

This is a challenging task, which school needs to address by cooperating with students’ families, communities, and other institutions willing to contribute to it. The question of how to assure that schools serve all student well should be answered by improved levels of education and students’ proficiency, as well as students’ higher satisfaction with what they acquire at school. The way to enhance “the usefulness” of schools is in their better management and financing, as well as in the inner resources of developing better teaching technique and a more individualized approach to students.

Pre-school education should be organized better, with unified approaches and requirements applied to it. It is a very important stage of “cognitive awakening” for children and making them ready to attend school, which is an important step of an individual’s maturing. If children get the basic ideas of what education is at that stage, they will find it much easier to develop more complex skills of learning and the process of it will be more rewarding for them. The role of students in education is a based on a controversial enough combination of responsibilities, interests, preferences, attitudes to the teachers and school environment, and other factors. Teachers are counselors to student, patient, understanding, directing without imposing their will, and strict enough to manage the process of tuition. The main thing is developing trust and cooperation between students and teachers. Without it, no effective progress in any subject can be achieved.

Teachers need to be very psychologists and sociologists, continuously updating themselves on the social profile and multicultural trends in the environment. Inviting students with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and their parents to take part in the school life, including special, culture-related events, will create a better atmosphere at school and ensure a more effective communication. Considering the cultural diversity of families, special attention should be focused on their possible needs of learning English and also getting familiar with other social and cultural issues, so that the efforts of school teachers could be better supported within the family environment. One of the important subjects taught at school is a foreign language, with the beginner’s stage often accounting for the students’ success or failure in speaking it.

A foreign language is normally attractive to young learners as a different way of expressing ideas compared to how it works in their native language. It is very important to combine different forms of teaching the new language including visual, audio, and multimedia. At the same time, learning a foreign language …

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