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Every piece of documentation is directed to a certain kind of audience. Technical documentation is a set of devices used for projecting, constructing, creating, developing, using, and running of technical products etc. It is developed for different audiences, e.g. manufacturers create user’s manual, first of all, for the users, who will possess or work with the product, also, potential clients and even competitors of the company. Thus, user’s manual of a digital camera can be taken as a bright example of a technical document.

What kind of audience can these people be?Certainly, every customer can’t be an expert in the technical sphere, though, one can assume, that dealing with such complicated equipment as a digital camera demands a lot of specific technical knowledge from its owner. User’s manual of a digital camera is oriented to the people with an average income as far as the cost of a digital camera is affordable for the people with a stable salary. It’s not absolutely correct to consider these customers as middle-class citizens as far as due to Professor James X. Sullivan from Notre Dame University the representatives of this camp can be defined by their consumption. The Professor determines the middle class as those citizens, who are in the middle fifth of spending their finances (Sullivan, 11).

Therefore, we can assume that the audience of a digital camera user’s manual is middle-class citizens. Taking into consideration the way of using a digital camera, one can suppose that the audience is interested in photography, moreover, treats this activity quite seriously. As it was mentioned above, in order to use a digital camera properly the user is likely to obtain certain technical knowledge and skills. This means that clients use a camera as a work or hobby equipment. Professional photographers represent a modern and prospective layer of society, these are usually active and creative people, who spend a lot of time marketing their skills and knowledge to the public. They have a great experience in dealing with different kinds of devices and equipment.Another group of the audience is represented by those, who consider taking pictures as a nice hobby in their free time. This group can comprise people of any age, gender, profession, marital status and so on. Mostly, though, the youth tend to entertain them by photographing.

Therefore, a big number of the audience are teenagers and young people. The interest in the photography as an art has become less strong in comparison with the photography as an entertainment. Social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. encourage the young people to share their personal information, especially pictures and videos. Due to the research of PewResearch Center “Teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they did in the past” (Madden 1). The popularity of photography in the social networks provokes enormous interest to it among the networks’ users. A degree is not required, if someone wants to become a photographer, though, of …

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