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Executive Summary

Pixar is known for its thought-provoking high quality animated movies. It has been acquired by Disney, who recognizes Pixar’s creative value and has put it in charge of Disney’s animation. After the acquisition, Disney and Pixar produced animated hits that were both commercially and critically acclaimed.

Cars 2, however, did not receive any awards, even though it has brought in expected revenue in box office. The key problem that is facing the company is the goal of increasing production without sacrificing the quality of the movies that is the key to their success. Pixar’s talent team is limited and it has double the work since the acquisition. Pixar’s process is lengthy and creative talent is prone to burnout.

The SWOT analysis reveals that the main strength of Disney and Pixar is the fact that the creative aspect is recognized as top priority and treated as such. The main weakness is that the talent is limited and the process is lengthy. The main opportunity is growth due to constant demand for their product. The main threat is that the growth would impede quality. There are two possible solutions to Disney problem. One is to invest in recruiting and training new talent, another is to break the process further down in order to delegate some parts to other departments.

Identifying sections of the project that can be outsourced may be a better solution for Disney and Pixar, because it would allow the creative talent to remain in charge of the big ideas and process assessment, releasing them from the responsibility for other activities. For example, crowdsourcing can be used to mine ideas for new movies, and creative directors can be hired to oversee details of the …

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