Places to See and Visit in New York City essay sample

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Places to See and Visit in New York City

There are numerous places to see and visit in New York City but few of them can match Brooklyn Bridge. I will never forget the first time I walked it and the bridge has been my favorite place ever since. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most beautiful technological objects of modern history; its role in the city cityscape and historical significance make it a special part of national heritage and exciting spot for tourists and city residents. Brooklyn Bridge is a unique construction combining the technological power, functionality, and beauty. It fits perfectly into the cityscape and looms from afar as an outstanding monument of national history and culture. The bridge is most impressive from any point that may be chosen to look at it. The visual grandeur of the powerful construction always made me excited when I was walking the bridge. There is a lot to see on the bridge and from it, and every sight is fascinating.

I love its massive archways; their shape is both strong and exquisite. The sights from the bridge are breathtaking, particularly the fabulous scenery of the New York Harbor. There is usually a strong cool wind blowing on the bridge, which adds to the feeling of the enormous water expense beginning here and stretching all the way to Europe. I remember closing my eyes and trying to bring to mind images of the past, with boast sailing to this place and the Fulton market bustling nearby, in lower Manhattan. Then it seemed to me that I was able to feel the characteristic smell of the fish and hear the sounds of the boats and trucks coming to this place. No wonder the bridge attracted various artists and served as a source of inspiration to famous writers, poets, painters, photographers, and movie producers (Greenspan). The bridge has an imprint of the huge city’s bustling life on it. The incessant car traffic below the tourist route adds its loud voice to the complex symphony of the city sounds. On Brooklyn Bridge, one can hear the accents and languages of tourists from different parts of the world. The smiling and friendly faces, people feeling happy, excited and curios to see and learn more create a unique atmosphere of the place. Turning away from the Harbor, one discovers the spectacular setting of Manhattan skyscrapers and feels what it means to be in New York City.

One of the most important things about Brooklyn Bridge is the image of technological beauty combined with its functionality. The awareness of how these two features can be brought together by human genius and perseverance is one of the most important things that makes this construction so special and appealing, both to human eyes and mind. I like coming to Brooklyn Bridge in any season and at any time of the day. I approach it from different directions. It always has something to impress me with and make me want to …

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