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SCIENTIFIC WRITINGName of StudentInstitution affiliationExplain the importance of cohesion in scientific writing:When there is coherence in a sentence, it means that people are able to connect different ideas that have been placed in a sentence. It is a rhetorical aspect of writing whereby an individual is able to develop and support one’s argument, synthesize, integrate, organize and clarify ideas that are in a sentence. For one to experience cohesion in his or her writing, one has to put new information last. One has to use passive voice in a judicial manner, and one needs to make sure that the first and the last sentences of the paragraph match. By putting new information last, it helps the reader to be able to find the writing to be clear. The reason for this is that one will begin with familiar or old information, and then conclude with unfamiliar or new information. In scientific research, cohesion is regarded as being important because, it helps the researchers to be able to relay information to readers in a clear manner (Marek, 2010).Explain each component of the Toulmin model. In the Toulmin model, it asserts that most of the arguments consist of the following parts: Grounds or Evidence of action, Qualifier, Claim, Warrant, Backing and Rebuttal. When one presents a claim in his or her argument, he or she is stating his or her position in relation to the argument i.e. agreeing or disagreeing with the point or angle of the argument that has been used. When talking about Grounds, it means that one is providing the reasons or supporting evidence, that he or she will be able to use in order for one to bolster his or her claim in the matter. In an argument, the Warrant is the chain of reasoning that is able to connect the grounds or provide one with the reasons for providing a certain claim. In terms of Backing, they are the supports or justifications that one uses in order to back up the warrant that he or she provided earlier. In an argument, there is always room for a Rebuttal i.e. the exceptions that are provided in a claim i.e. providing one with counter-examples or counter-arguments. The last part of the Toulmin model is Qualification, which specifies the limits that exist in a claim, warrant and their backing (David Hitchcock, 2007). Describe the advantages of a focused research questionIn the aftermath of exploring some library resources that have previously been mentioned and one has found the possible sources of the research, one will need to develop a research question that helps one to focus on the information that one has provided in order to support one’s writing. Stating the research topic as a question has various advantages for the researchers. These advantages are as follows:It helps the researcher to begin the planning process of his or her research.If one clearly states his or her research question, it will help the researcher to be able to know if the …

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