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Student’s Name:Professor’s Name:Course:Date:Pol 1The 16th-17th century America represented the free place for the establishment of new ideas and visions on settlements. The colonial society was to the big extent influenced by the religious, mostly protestant, ideas developed by Winthrop, Williams and Mather. Winthrop, Williams and Mather saw the possible development of the colonial society to be defined through the protestant views. Thus, for example, Winthrop provided the rationale for the Massachusetts Bay colony in “A Model of Christian Charity.” The colony being “as a city upon a hill” was expected to become the covenant with God community. The government, the magistrates, was delegated by people. Winthrop differentiated between natural liberty and civic liberty that can be called moral. The society should be based on the moral liberty that bases on the values of the good, just and honest. The issue of liberty was also discussed by Cotton, who believed that the human beings are corrupt in their nature that is why the authority of the government should be limited in order to prevent the hazardous effect of power. Once the mortal men is vested with power, he will speak out both the powerful passages and the blasphemies, which makes Cotton call for the better education of God and establishment of restrictions in the colonial society. Even more radical views were expressed by Williams who preached for the full separation of the colonial church from the English Church. Williams challenged the colonists to seek and advance to the Kingdom of God, “restricting religious ordinances to those who were God’s elect and limiting religious interaction with those who were not godly” (Bremer). Williams believed in the religious tolerance and freedom of conscience. He also was among the first who preached for the separation of the state and church. Religion has moved beyond the Puritan dogma and can be attributed to the new social issues. The persistent influence of religion can be explained with voluntary removal of religion from government and politics. Puritans even though not politically active have transmitted their social and moral code with the key focus on the separation of the state and religion. Religion not only contributes to the social adjustment and proclaims the humanitarianism, but also often becomes the reason for the social conflicts or even international difficulties, especially in the cases of fundamental religions. Kramnick and Lowi (2009, 7) assume that religion is so deeply mingled with the habits of the Anglo-Saxon society that it became the peculiar force of the nation and its society.Works cited:Bremer, Francis J. 'The Puritans And Dissent: The Cases Of Roger Williams And Anne Hutchinson | The Gilder Lehrman Institute Of American History'. Gilderlehrman.org. Web. 4 Sept. 2015.Kramnick, Isaac, and Theodore J. Lowi, eds. American political thought: a Norton anthology. WW Norton, …
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