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The advancement in technology and successful implementation of new technologies is dependent on a number of factors, among them the efficient and effective management of human resources. One of the significant technologies that have been compounded by human resource related challenges is the use of computers and the internet.

Currently, there has been considerate growth in criminal activities against computers and data networks commonly referred to as cybercrime. Most of these offenses pose a threat to a nation’s security, and may also expose privacy and confidential information. Due to the development of new trends of cybercrime, the implementation of management techniques is paramount in ensuring that criminal activities are controlled and dealt with.

Within organizations, management encompasses the coordination of human efforts in order to efficiently and effectively accomplish goals and objectives with the use of available resources.

This paper will briefly describe a management theory to be applied in overseeing cybercrime alleviation by developing theoretical analysis on a case study involving the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

Case Study: Police log in to fight criminals online

This paper will develop its arguments from a news article written by Marriner (2015, par. 1-18). The article highlights the efforts that have been made to handle the cybercrime in New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia. Residents of the state have continuously complained about online scams, fraud, bullying, and harassment. In addition, a majority of them have issues with online buying and selling of goods and services either within Australia or overseas. The intensity of cybercrime within the region is revealed from more than five thousand complaints that have been reported to ACORN within a period of 11 months since its launch. To combat the issue at hand, the state came up with the proposal to train all NSW police investigators specifically on how to handle cybercrime and other offenses committed through the internet and the social media. A safety cyber expert has taken the lead in providing education through the provision of training and lectures in schools. Police are said to have deceived victims as revealed by Ms. McLean. The training of frontline police is identified throughout the article. The article also presents challenges faced by the police in capturing cyber criminals as mainly caused by residing of evidence in different locations and countries.

ACORN’s Management Issues

The case study introduces management issues that touch on human resources. First and foremost, the employees of ACORN lack knowledge and skills to enable them to respond to resident complaints. This is clearly illustrated by the continuous growth and execution of cyber related crimes as identified by the RMIT and La Trobe survey (Merriner 2015, par 15).

Secondly, NSW police investigators lack adequate training, to the extent that they fob off residents and victims. This is despite the existence of laws that ban criminal online content. Interestingly, despite the fact that the inspector general is well aware of the existence of laws that could capture criminals and its application to deal with the …

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