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Political Rhetoric

Political rhetoric is a popular definition that has begun to be a widespread term only this year. American political rhetoric is a dangerous issue because even politically motivated violence seems to be its natural result. Political rhetoric is an important issue our days and I am going to consider it. According to Lawler, «political rhetoric is the attempt to apply fundamental principles to the circumstances of particular people». The main idea is that it is realistic, mobilizes political support and makes an impact on self-understanding. For example, Martin Luther King’s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," was addressed mainly to white moderates who prefer order to justice. Rhetoric is also a complicated tradition made in written or spoken form. According to Shogan, rhetoric should be persuasive. The goals are achieved by using effective arguments. In other words, all specialists use their own terms to define a political rhetoric. Nevertheless, the main point is that it makes an impact on a person and stimulates him to act in a certain way.

There are some examples of politician's who stands out being skilled at political rhetoric and Donald Trump is at the center of the debate over rhetoric. Lawler proclaims that Trump is very skilled because he has a great experience, he knows how to swift attention and he always reminds that the main goal of the president is to make our country win. He contradicts a position of Obama that Americans are citizens of the world, and states that the president is obliged to do the best for the citizens. For example, he even called for a ban on Muslim immigrants. From the other point of view, Bernie Sanders emphasizes recent economic changes and autonomy of Americans. But his main problem is that he doesn’t have other effective positions and has nostalgia for socialism. McCarthy stresses that Mario Cuomo, Ann Richards, Ted Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Tip O’Neill, Pat Buchanan, Barbara Jordan, Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson are the most skillful in political rhetoric with special effective models. Not everybody agrees with their statements, but they effectively pursued their goals.

For example, Mario Cuomo’s speech on abortion, religion, and politics at Notre Dame was effective because he managed to be clear and precise. McCarthy states that Barack Obama is a skillful person, but it appeared to be that he mostly takes care of race and racism that is not enough. Later he spoke “More Perfect Union” speech, and the speech on of the mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. that improved his positions. Wingard summarizes above-mentioned opinions and proclaims that presidents are skilled orators. People vote for them if they agree with their positions and speeches. For example, George W. Bush after 9/11 declared the war on terror. Then he encouraged people to continue their activities and stated that each citizen should fight terror. His speeches made an impact on people and they continued to live as they always lived.The 2016 Presidential campaign rhetoric motivated people to violence due to some …

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