Porter’s Five Forces: UMUC Haircuts Stage 2 essay sample

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Porter’s Five Forces: UMUC Haircuts Stage 2

The UMUC hair business wants a system for the customers schedule and the employees schedule booking. The system is supposed to allow the customers to access UMUC business and book in for appointments for them to be offered the services. The customers are expected to log into the system and book for the time they will be coming to receive services. At the same time, they will be assigned the employee who will work on them and the time that the employee is available and they can make the payments over the system. The system will eliminate idle time for the employees and the customers will get quality services from the business (Smith, 2002). The technological approach of automating the systems is the best competitive advantage over the other similar businesses in the area. This is because the customers have the chance to choose before they come to the business physically. This paper is about the proposed IT solution and the vendor of the system.

Proposed IT solution

The proposed IT system is supposed to serve the customers and the employees at the same time. The system will have three interfaces, the admin interface, the clients interface and the employees interface. The vendor of the system have been selected as Robitech solutions. They have a similar IT solution. The reasons why this system was selected over the others is that it meets all the business requirements. The employees are allowed to log into their accounts. They then can fill in all their details and the customers are able to select their preferred services and the preferred stylists. The system usability is very efficient. The customers can b able to access the system very fast (Kerzner, 2004). The system is easy for them to use, as there is no need to train them. The employees are also easy to use the system. They do not require training for them to use the system. Also in cases of upgrades, the system will also require less maintenance. The system is also easy to maintain. It easily updates itself in case there are any changes in the profiles of the customers without tampering with the clients date.

The system is able to hold the expanding business. Its scalability is very well designed. Even with the growth of the clientele, the system is able to accommodate all their data without any confusion or loss of data. The system is also reliable. Robisearch offers system support; therefore, they will always have a way forward in case the system have issues. The system barely have downtimes. The system is open in that it can easily be integrated with other systems. Hence, since there is predicted growth of the business, it will be easy to integrate the system with other systems to make it a software. The system can also be accessed anywhere in the country by …

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