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The presentation is dedicated to the Human services

Slide 2 There is a set of definitions of the Human Services. The integrating feature of these definitions is that the core purpose of human services professional is meeting the needs of people through the base of interdisciplinary knowledge, while the major focus is put on the problems’ prevention and remediation; additional emphasis is put on the maintaining a commitment for further improvement of the overall life quality of service populations. Profession of human services is dedicated to the promotion of the systems of improved service delivery through addressing not the quality of direct services only, but it is also tending to improve the accountability, accessibility as well as coordination among agencies and professionals in the process of delivering the services

Slide 3 While referring of the major role of the human services, it is essential to outline the following information: The area of Human Services uniquely approaching towards the major purpose of meeting needs of people through practical use of the interdisciplinary knowledge base;

The major purpose in such case is focusing on remediation and prevention of problems and commitment’ maintenance for improvement of the overall life quality of service populations. Profession within the context of Human Services is dedicated to the promotion, improvement and servicing the systems of delivery through by addressing not only the quality of direct services, but in addition, it seeks for improvement of the accountability, accessibility as well as coordination among agencies and professionals in the process of service delivering.

Slide 4 The next issue to be considered is the notion “Human Services Professionals”“Human services professional” is applied for those individuals, who hold paraprofessional and professional jobs in the set of diverse settings : halfway houses and group homes; intellectual disability, correctional and community mental health centers; service agencies for families, youth and children; addressed the programs, referring to drug abuse, alcoholism, aging and family violence. Depending on the particular Centre, where the professional is employed, one’s job title varies;

Slide 5 Competencies of Human Services professional (first part)While analyzing the Competencies of Human Services professional, it is essential to refer to the following information: Understanding the human systems’ nature: community and society, group, individual, organization, as well as their core interactions. It is critical for understanding the group dynamics, human development, organizational structure, the form of communities’ organization, the way of setting the national, the way of interaction within the social systems interact in the process of ‘producing’ human problems

Understanding the set of conditions, which contribute or restrict the optimal functioning of the e-human systems. This involves the following models :Medically-oriented; Socially-oriented, Psychologically-behavioral oriented; Educationally oriented.

Slide 6 Competencies of Human Services professional (second part)Being able to identify and select particular forms of interventions, promoting the growth and attainment to the goals. It implies conducting of competent analysis of the problem and selection of the services, strategies …

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