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For such countries like the USA the president is not just a head of state and head of government, he is not only the leader of an executive branch of federal government and chief-commander of Armed Forces. USA president is really iconic person that becomes a true national symbol and idol for rising generation.

Also USA continues to lead world politics and economics. That’s the reason why future president elections are so important both for US citizens and global society. Also according to the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution which postulates term limit for election and overall time of service to the office of President of the United States (Klein,6). Therefore nowadays President Barack Obama will finish his full powers in 2016 and USA will get new leader.

In this essay we will introduce and analyze top-5 candidates from both republican and democratic parties, compare their domestic and foreign policy and also make some prediction for future elections. According to recent rumors and predictions there are some interesting and extraordinary candidates: one woman and ex-first lady, one independent pensioner, again one of the Bush dynasty, one Cuban emigrant and last but not the least, powerful media tycoon Mr. Trump. Cunning band, aren’t they?

Traditional battle between republicans and democrats will continue at this election, and we will start with current owners of the White House and also world’s oldest active party – Democratic Party of the USA. All experts agree that today there are two main candidates from this party: United States Senator from Vermont Bernard "Bernie" Sanders and 67th United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Starting from Bernie Sanders we can note that he is the oldest and most experienced candidate.

He started his active social and political life almost 55 years ago in his alma mater University of Chicago during the civil rights sit-in in protest of segregation policy in University of Chicago. Later he participated in Liberty Union campaigns and become the mayor of Burlington, VT in 1981. After this successful experience he established himself as an independent and competent political. He promoted to the United States House of Representatives and in 2006 his political career and popularity continued to grow, he became a junior US senator from Vermont. Through his experience and venerable age he was selected as a Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Nowadays, despite his pensionable age and eccentric image, he is one of the top candidates. His main strength is also his weakness: he is the most experienced candidates, but his age could be a problem. His main idea for domestic policy is returning of the middle class and reduction the gap between rich and everyone else. In foreign policy he wishes to support Iran deal, protect women and LGBT rights (Sanders).

Hilary Clinton is the only lady in this list, but she is a really strong chief leader despite her pretty image and appearance. As a wife of Bill Clinton and USA First Lady she got …

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