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Product-Positioning Map for Disney`s Parks & Resorts

The Disney`s Parks & Resorts Division has three major competitors: Six Flags Entertainment Corp, Seaworld Entertainment, Inc., Universal Parks & Resorts.

Taking into consideration the position of Disney`s Parks & Resorts Division, one can make a conclusion that the division in question has the high quality of services provided by it. In the segment of High Price/High Quality it has one competitor - Universal Parks & Resorts.

As a result, the key strategic aim of Disney`s Parks & Resorts is to protect its position relatively to Universal Parks & Resorts. The division may achieve this aim by establishing new kinds of parks, renewing the existing, organizing events for children and young people, in order to bring Universal Parks & Resorts` customers over to Disneyland.

Also, the position of leader may be maintained by innovations – the division may design new kinds of attractions, using hi-tech technologies. Another goal is to become leader on the Low Price/Low Quality segment. It may be done by developing parks and resorts with lower qualities but lower prices for services so that to attract people with lower level of income. One more means of conquering this segment may be by granting discounts for some categories of customers: students, pupils etc. When young customers will have their own families and they will be loyal to Disney`s Parks & Resorts.

As a consequence, this action will have effect in long-term perspective of 10-15 years.In order to attract customers of both of the segments, Parks & Resorts Division should take some promotional measures: holding new advertising campaigns, organizing free visits for orphans and raffle with valuable prizes etc.


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