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The professional nursing mission dictates that nurses should conduct themselves per virtues that will be of benefit to the patient. It requires them to manipulate challenges in the best interest of their patients. Also, it states that nurses should be in a healthy state to be successful and be sensitive to their patients, keeping their assurances and mounting their practice to serve better (Leininger, 2015). The Florida Board of Nursing deals with nurses faults and acts on them. It also controls nursing practices through education settlement for license renewal. It regulates the nursing practices and foresees requirements and tests for people who want to join the practice (Florida Board of Nursing, 2016).

Professional Nursing Organizations are responsible for passing the protocols that protect patients and nurse through promoting health issues. They also announce the development of the practices in nursing and provide the workshops for the progressing education and employment. It also provides a means through which nurses can assemble and voice their anxieties to promote the safety of healthcare. According to the provisions of the Nurses code of ethics, nurses should offer decent practice indiscriminately to all patients. Practices should be done according to with the patient's unique needs. The nurses’ prime responsibility should be their patients, and they should campaign for, encourage and endeavor to protect the health safety and rights of patients.

The nurse should have a strong desire to relieve their pain and ensure their recovery (American Nurses Association, 2016). The nurse is also answerable and liable for individual nursing practices and defines the proper designation of tasks steady with the nurse’s commitment to providing exemplary patient care. The nurse should also work in partnership with other health professionals and the public in promoting determinations to meet healthcare needs. All these provisions are set for the welfare of the patients and the public health (American Nurses Association, 2016).


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