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Origins and Benefits of Project Quality Management

Project quality management emerged as a result of integrating traditional project management and total quality management approaches. Total quality management itself furnished the environment for selection and continuous improvement of the right project and its components like tasks and activities. In combination, this will result into flexible and adaptive approach to produce deliverables, improve organizational performance and shift towards continuous improvement focused on customer satisfaction (Kenneth & Rose, 2005).

Thus, we could define project quality management as the process of integrating and managing quality into the project management process rather than using quality tools to inspect project deliverables after completion.Values and benefits of project quality management are tangible, and could be seen in application of quality planning, assurance and control in a single project.

Using these components allows reducing risks and associated costs so that quality projects are delivered on time and within the budget. As a result, project quality management support establishment of an organization which inspires project quality standards adherence and individual professionalism, thus having overall positive effect for the business and company reputation on the market (Kloppenborg & Petrick, 2002).

Purpose of The Project Quality Management Plan

The Project Quality Management Plan documents the necessary information required to effectively manage project quality from project planning to delivery. It defines a project’s quality policies, procedures, criteria for and areas of application, and roles, responsibilities and authorities.The Project Quality Management Plan is created during the Planning Phase of the project. Its intended audience is the project manager, project team, project sponsor and any senior leaders whose support is needed to carry out the plan.Let’s assume that an IT company was requested to complete server virtualization for a small business in Florida.

A PQMP for this project will include policies which regulate server access and rules of project execution; procedures which will outline how relevant tasks should be executed to maintain security and other concerns; criteria for areas of application, for instance, as a guidance for choosing the right virtualization software, and scope of responsibilities where quality inspectors are explicitly listed. It is important that such plan is implemented and approved prior to project execution to make sure that quality standards are followed from the beginning.


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