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Project Quality Management

Contemporary organizations are frequently using terms of quality management and project quality management to explain the approach towards project execution. For those project managers being less experienced in the utilization of the above techniques, term explanation could seem to be similar causing them to underestimate the importance of variations.

The key difference is that project quality management is explicitly oriented for ensuring that project satisfies the needs for each it was undertaken. Quality management, in its turn, addresses the scope of all business activities existing in the company (Milunovic & Filipovic, 2013). Moreover, project quality management is not a separate or independent process which occurs at the end to measure the output quality (PM4DEV, 2008). Rather, it is a set of interrelated processes and activities occurring from the beginning of the project, including quality planning, assurance, and control (PM4DEV, 2008).Milunovic & Filipovic (2013) described project quality management as the sum of four pillars. They include customer satisfaction, process improvement, fact-based management and empowered performance. For project managers, it is important that each of pillars is supported by well-designed quality process to ensure the stability of the project overall (Milunovic & Filipovich, 2013). These pillars comprise business effectiveness and should be equally treated from the performance perspective. High customer satisfaction, for instance, will be impossible for project deliverables are hindered by biases rather than facts, or time-consuming processes rather than effective systems.

Quality requirements will help to keep high standards in these areas, while also required being appropriately managed.Scarcity of resources is another reason for effective project quality management strategies. If the quality of project deliverables is at risk, it can affect the reputation of project executives and business overall, as it also threatens revenues and business growth.

Project managers, though, should treat project quality management of similar importance as managing project activities and allocate resources.


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