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Psychology Q&A

Psychology is the study of man in his environment. A person’s environment is made up of other individuals and objects. The environment in which a man lives in is complicated because it involves the past and expands into the future (Mohsin, 2001). The key purpose of this essay is to address three questions that pertain to the life of a human being.

Would it be better to have found love only to lose it one day and feel the pain of lost love, or would it be better to never find love and to have never experience the pain of love?

It is better to find love even if it is lost after one day and experience the pain of lost love. First it is important to understand the meaning of love. Love is nature towards relation suitable deeds of will that comprise of impartial desires for the well-being and unity of a loved one held as final results. This implies that love promotes a lover’s epistemic goods, self-improvement, psychic integration, harmony in relationships, as well as beneficial and enjoyable activities (Silverman, 2010). The benefits that come from experiencing love result in fulfilled desires, pleasure or some situations both. As a matter of fact, these benefits expand a lover’s general welfare. The process of finding one’s love involves the development of a relationship, which is an important part of human life. Relationships are worth a great deal because they develop character, increase one’s perception of self-worth, elevate happiness and enhance self-knowledge. Preferring to live without love so as not to experience the pain of losing someone is a fear that should be confronted by a person. In fact, courage involves control of an individual’s fear in proportion to peril. From the perspective of the development of a person, courage has an intrinsic prudential good. This is so because encountering proper amount of fear that is generated by circumstances ensures the courage individual does not renounce goals on a claim of undeserved fears. From this point of view, courage expands the ability of a person to satisfy desires through the power of taking calculated risks regarding desired goals (Silverman, 2010). In conclusion, the pain of losing one’s love is referred to as grief. Grief is inevitable, and it arises from the cataclysmic loss of what one is attached to in life. The cataclysmic loss not only comes from the hurt love but it is caused by various occurrences such as the death of a family member, loss of job or lifestyle. All in all, it is better to risk to experience the pain of love because the benefits do more to an individual’s well-being than the feeling of loss.

If there is a machine that can tell you the date and time of your exact death, would you want to know? And why?

If such a machine that can predict the exact time and date of death exists, I would use those services to know the precise time of …

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