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Provisions of the Purchasing Policy of the Company provide regulation of its purchasing activity. It prescribes duties and responsibility of the Purchasing Department in order to ensure supply and purchasing of goods and services in duly course. This document serves in order to enable the Purchasing Department to exercise its obligations in the best interests of the Company. Policy that includes properly planned and organized procedure of purchase protects the Company from acts of unfair competition providing purchasing of relevant quality. The procedure of purchasing directly depends from its relevant management and implementation into the activity of the Company. That is why this Purchasing Policy enables the Purchasing Department to control the entire purchasing procedure together with carrying out of supplies within the activity of the Company in its best interests.

General Provisions

Under the provisions stated in Purchasing Policy, the Purchasing Department of the Company has legal obligations under the Sales of Goods Act 1930, Equality Act 2010 and in accordance with laws of the state where the Company is established in. Duties and Responsibility of Purchasing DepartmentThe Purchasing Department is authorized to lead negotiations and carry out management of supplies of goods and services provided by the Company. Only The Purchasing Department has an authority to contact the Supplier. None of employees of the Company have the right to contact the Supplier regarding purchasing activity of a Company. An employee who contacts with the supplier outside the Purchasing Department is in person responsible for the issued invoice. Such order is deemed as that is not dealt with the Company. The purchasing department ensures accessibility of goods and services provided by Company and none of consumers are influenced by discrimination and disadvantages while access goods and services mentioned hereinabove. Applying of the Purchasing Policy This Purchasing Policy is applicable to the Purchasing Department of the Company and its employees who carry out purchasing activity under the Sales of Goods Act 1930, international trade rules and regulations and legislation of a state the Company is established in. The Purchasing Department is liable for the purchasing of all supplies, services and equipment.The Purchasing Department under the obligations following from the Purchasing Policy of the Company: has an unique right to control all the suppliers of products dealt with activity of The Company; undertakes an obligation to maintain the list of supply of the products; notifies the clients regarding amendments to the supply and service contracts;coordinates access to new products and services of the Company. The conditions of purchase of products and services are defined in contracts in writing form by mutual agreement of the Purchasing Department and the Vendor.

Purchasing Procedure. The Purchasing Department obtains Requisitions through the order made by computer program of the Company. Quotes in written form must be obtained by e-mail or fax or be hand delivered. Quotes in written form may be obtained for goods and services that cost from ______ to __________ bot not exceed …

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