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University:Student’s name:Course:Tutor:Date:Elderly members of the community are at higher risk of depression, infection, and death. For this reason, I identified the issue of weight loss among the elderly that results from decreased caloric intake. Weight loss is a frequent health problem in the elderly population. This health problem is associated with significant progressive disability, adverse health outcomes, and increased mortality. Curbing this problem requires effective programs that are aimed at improving energy intake among the elderly population. The Silver Spoon Club relates to this issue because of the restorative feeding program that it offers to the residents of the Holbrook Nursing Home, Inc. the program individuals identified as having a weight loss to consume sufficient food and fruits to enable them increase body weight, stabilize and maintain weight, and increase independence in eating. It is essential to evaluate the unintentional weight loss in the elderly because of its association with increased morbidity and mortality. The existing literature does not provide published guidelines on how to investigate and manage the patients demonstrating weight loss, especially the elderly (Villareal, Chode, Parimi, Sinacore, Hilton, Armamento-Villareal, & Shah 2011). Most of the researchers on the topic often do nothing as they view the issue as a normal part of the ageing process. Some researchers do extensive blind investigation because of the fear that weight loss represents underlying cancer (Zemel, Richards, Milstead, & Campbell 2005). For these reasons, my investigation mainly relied on the statistics that exist relating to the elderly with increased weight loss in the country. I reviewed the available evidence mainly observational and epidemiological studies to come up with my conclusions. Data from the Ministry of Health shows that as many as 25% of the cases of weight loss among the elderly have no identifiable cause (Villareal, Chode, Parimi, Sinacore, Hilton, Armamento-Villareal, & Shah 2011). These statistics imply that weight loss among adults is an important indicator of malnutrition. Elderly patients are defined as losing weight when they lose 5 percent of their body weight in one month or 10 percent in six months. However, even small amounts of weight loss in the frail elderly can have negative consequences. Weight loss is a serious cause of concern despite it being downplayed or even ignored by the elderly patients (Malik, Schulze, & Hu 2006). Apart from cancer, there various other serious conditions that can result from weight loss in adults, including depression, gastrointestinal issues, depression, and hypothyroidism. According to Roman, Carta & Ángel (2008) weight loss among the elderly is a frequent health problem. They estimate that as many as 20 percent of seniors have or will suffer from such conditions. A specific cause of weight loss is not identified in approximately 25 percent of the elderly patients. As a result, it is reasonable to state that weight loss among the elderly frequently depends on the presence of underlying health problems or poor nutritional status (Zemel, Richards, Milstead, & Campbell 2005). The leading causes of the issue among the older adults are cancer; …
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