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QuestionName of StudentInstitution AffiliationQuestionA sustainable strategic advantage is also called a sustainable competitive advantage. I disagree that there is no such thing as a sustainable strategic advantage. A sustainable competitive advantage is a unique position that a company develops while relating to its competitors that allows it to outperform them reliably. Nowadays, to win a competition, a company must have a strategic advantage. However, companies are not satisfied with a strategic advantage that is not sustainable or there to stay. A sustainable strategic advantage is a combination of skills a company has, the sum of the individual employee, and processes it uses to take advantage of employees skills and knowledge. Also, companies obtain such a strategy by implementing value-creating strategies that are valuable, rare, and non-substitute. Strategic advantage the foundation that gives companies the ability to stay ahead of potential competitors and guarantees market leadership.The best-known example of a firm with a sustainable strategic advantage is Walmart. It maintains such a strategy in part since its strategies are explicit to its organization, and they are known to create a gap between Walmart stores performance and that of its competitors (Roberts & Berg, 2012). For instance, Walmart has a detailed and complicated distribution center network, which permits it moves its goods more efficiently and quickly to its stores while maintaining lower prices than other stores.Many firms are obtaining sustainable strategic advantage over their competitors applying strategies that exploit their internal strengths by responding to environmental opportunities while at the same time counteracting external threats reducing internal weaknesses. Besides, a sustainable strategic advantage allows the improvement and maintenance of company’s competitive place in the market. It enables many companies to survive against its completion over a very long period of time.ReferencesRoberts, B. R., & Berg, N. (2012). Walmart: Key insights and practical lessons from the world's largest retailer. London: Kogan …
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