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Case 1:

This is an issue of the fear of being alone. It is commonly referred to as Autophobia, Monophobia, or Isolophobia. By the Adlerian framework, individuals are socially motivated, and their actions are directed towards a purposeful goal.

For this reason, dealing with this case would require an understanding of the individual’s goals. Taking into consideration the society’s influence on the individual, his or her goals could significantly influence the perception of values, realities, and beliefs, which could subsequently lead to the fear of being alone (Carlson & Maniacci 2006). Therefore, one crucial element of Adlerian therapy is to identify and reframe the faulty perceptions of values, realities, and beliefs.

In this case, for the client to feel comfortable alone, I would suggest strategies of reframing her perceptions (Carlson & Maniacci 2006). On the other hand, the Existential framework therapy views psychological and emotional difficulties as inner conflicts caused by individuals’ confrontation with the givens of existence (Schneider & Krug 2010). To solve this client’s issue using the existential therapy, I would suggest an evaluation of relevant past psychological experiences and what they mean to the individual. From these experiences, the individual could identify the specific experiences that might be causing the fear of being alone (Schneider & Krug 2010).

Case 2:

This is an issue of the feeling of worthlessness. The client feels worthless in the society. According to Adler, such a feeling is a sign of depression. Using Adler’s framework therapy, this depression could be as a result if faulty perceptions or thinking patterns in the individual (Carlson & Maniacci 2006). To help this client, I would explore the underlying faulty perceptions and thinking patterns responsible for the depression. I would then look for ways or suggest strategies of reframing the thinking patterns.

Case 3:

This is an issue of the fear of rejection. It is often as a result of an individual’s low self- esteem. The Adlerian framework emphasizes the conscious cause of the issue rather than the unconscious feeling. In this case, the fear of rejection could be caused by a purposeful self- perception or the perception of others. The client could perceive himself or herself as being of a lower class or less successful as compared to those around him or her (Carlson & Maniacci 2006). In this case, the client could perceive himself or herself not to fit in the society around. To help this client, I would encourage him or her to practice self-acceptance and suggest strategies of improving her self- esteem. Under the existential framework, the fear of rejection could be as a result of past experiences that might have resulted in situations where the client was rejected. To help the client in such as a situation, I would encourage a focus on the present issues and situations rather than the past.


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