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Paper Title Capitalized and CenteredName of StudentInstitution affiliationQuestionsWhat examples of technological innovation can you identify? What forces led to the commercialization of the science behind these technologies? Did the capability exist before the market demand or was the demand there before the technology was available?The development of Xerox has to be considered a market-driven innovation, as the faster copying process was needed. Carlston, an inventor of Xerox, was the attorney and he had to copy multiple amount documents every day. At a point in time he verified that the existent carbon copying process doesn’t satisfy his needs and he tried to use photoconductive element in copying process, which appeared to be successful (Brooks, 1994). Although the photoconductive elements were discovered more than 50 years before the creation of Xerox, only the market demand gave this scientific discovery an opportunity to become the technological innovation. The development of Xerox stimulated the future research of photoconductive elements. In this case the technology was available before the market demand raised; however only market demand gave the new life to the technological innovation.The other example of technological innovation can be considered the development of the Electronic Mail. This innovation was not available when the market demand for it rose. As a matter of fact, the demand for quick delivery stimulated the invention of Electronic Mail. The technology and science are often interrelated, however technological innovation should not be considered as an application of science. Technological knowledge is frequently developed before the market demand for the technology raises (Dosi, 1982). However, it might not always be the case especially in 20th century, when most of technologies are the reaction on the market demand for innovation.If you were in the grocery business, whom would you benchmark for technological innovations? Would the companies be inside or outside your industry? Why?The technological innovation is not developed within the same path across industries. Some industries introduce innovative products and some industries apply these products in their everyday work in order to satisfy the growing customer requirements. As a matter of fact, electronic industry and IT were always considered to be the most innovative ones, as the products they develop frequently anticipate the market demand for these products. At the same time, such industries as groceries frequently apply new technologies only when market demand for them rises.For example, the adoption of the multimedia technology in the groceries can provide customers with an outstanding shopping experience. The creation of applications for stores on the mobile platforms, self-service scanning and kid-friendly carts that show cartoons right at the shop are only few examples of the innovative technologies that can be applied within the grocery business and bring outstanding experience to its customers (Grossman, 2010). As a matter of fact, the electronic industry, being the science-based industry, can have more opportunities for technological innovation than others. In the modern world the development of technologies is rather costly and requires specific skills that not every industry can afford. As a result some …
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