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Racism and Segregation

Racism and segregation are two things that always go hand in hand the United States. The most common places that segregation happens in the United States is seen in the distribution of facilities, services and equal distribution of opportunities. Housing, medical care, transportation, employment, and education are always seemingly deployed along racial lines.

In most cases, the terms are used to refer to the legal and social separation of the African American from people of other races. In another sense, the white communities use racial segregation to discriminate against other people of color. Other manifestations of racial discrimination could be, in part, used to describe the separation of roles in institutions (Theo 238). In the year 1954, the US government saw the enforcement of federal laws to stop the segregation of schools in the country.

All the public segregation, whether legal or not, was stopped by 1964, Civil Rights Act. This act was passed after there were demonstrations directed at ending the forced segregation in America.The modern day segregation in America, as seen in the residential area, is mainly shaped by the government policies, the discrimination persisting from mortgage dispersion and redlining among the major factors (Nicholas 272). In relation to the topic of race and segregation, there is another form that sees racial groups being geographically grouped and is termed as hypersegregation. The places that this happens most are the cities that have a majority of the inner city being African Americans.

On the other hand, the people that surround this inner core in the suburbs, are the White American populations. This idea of hypersegregation took root due to the credible research carried out by Nancy Denton and Douglass Massey in 1989 (Theo 238). Their work involved the study of Apartheid because it was around the same time the whites had created a white ghetto community around the beginning of the 20th century. The reason why they did this was to isolate the growing number of the urban black population from the African American residents in the inner cities. People unwilling to struggle do not progress at all and the people that profess to support favor but still depreciate agitation are compared to the people who want to harvest without having to plough first. This was a statement made by Frederick Douglas in 1857 since here had been several struggles by the black population so that they could attain their civil rights (Philomena 147).

Just like his definition, may sociologists have asserted that racism and segregations are gaining new definitions in the wake of every day in America. This viewpoint is what continues to give racial segregation a social category and gives it a reference to the societal constructions and destructions in the American society today (Philomena 150). Many people are unaware of how and what forms racial segregation takes, and the only answer to this is control. The only way that people can assert control by belittling another group through whatever manner is what can be …

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