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Reading Note of "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind"


Positioning is not that thing what you can do to a product. Positioning is the thing that you can do to the mind of the prospect. That is your position on a product in the mind of the prospect. The fundamental approach of positioning is to manipulate those facts that are already in mind, but is not to create something different and new. The main approach is to tie again the connections that already exist.

Reading Note of "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind"

The origin of the concept of "positioning" usually referred to 1972, when the company of Trout and Ries was published a few articles where this term was used the first time. It is clear from the title of the book, that positioning of the product / service / company is related to the occupation of a particular position (or rather niche) in our minds. Positioning aroused interest not only among the inhabitants of Madison Avenue. Positioning strategy can benefit everyone who wants to become a leader in the game called "life".

Look at it from this angle: if you do not understand and do not use these principles, your competitors, without any doubts, will make this for you. The essence of the problem is that our brain is a superpower computer, but even this computer has limited possibilities. Why in commercial, more and more attention is paid to creative ideas? That's right, to stand out from the crowd, to stock up on in the memory.

Things are similarly with brands. But this is true not only about advertising; it is also true about all positions of marketing.On the one hand we have the brands. On the other - product categories.

Examples: Processors – Intel. Beautiful laptops - Apple Macintosh. A very rich man - Bill Gates. Find everything – Google. Steer your dream – Toyota. Best spy – Stirlitz. Reliable car – Volvo. Japanese premium-class cars – Lexus.
What is interesting in these examples? The interesting thing is that positions can and should behold in all directions. I.e. it can be not only a slogan, like Toyota, but also a direct link as Volvo and Lexus.

Another interesting fact - absolutely any brand can "stake out" a part of your brain. And as a brand, in this case, can be not only your product (Apple) or company (Volvo), but also the whole country, an individual or an entire epoch (for example, "Golden Age". In fact it was not gold, even pretty grim and brutal ... but in our minds it is perceived as a whole flowering of culture). The whole idea of positioning theory is that you need to find an unoccupied area in your category and take it. Moreover, it must be done well. One brand - one niche.Remember the old joke: cheap, quality products with convenient delivery. What do you want should be emphasized (no …

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