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Reasons of Losing Friends

Friendship is an important aspect of any person’s life. Everybody needs friends, even those who do not realize this fact. However, we are all different and treat our friends in different ways. Sometimes friendship is based on common interests, or simply going out and getting drunk together (O’Connell, 2013). Some friends may spend lots of time with you when you are happy and suddenly get busy when you are having bad times. Other friends may communicate with you once a year, however they will put aside any business to help you if you really need them. However, everything, that has beginning, also has an end. Friendship is not an exception. Thus, let us discuss main reasons of losing friends.We live in an open world. Some day you might find a job in different city or even different continent. Thus, you will have to move to the unknown place and start a new life from scratch. Certainly, contemporary telecommunications enable you to stay in touch, however, it is up to you to decide if old relations are worth continuing, taking into account the fact that you may never return (O’Connell, 2013). From the other side, your friend may not be interested in listening about your difficulties at the new place. Otherwise, new experience obtained by you can make you reevaluate the people who had used to surround you. Finally, your new time zone can simply make online communication awkward, causing you communicate less over time. The fact of losing friends due to career-related reasons may be pitiful, however strong friendship can withstand threats alike.People use to change. Young person may hardly understand who he is, apart from understanding the people surrounding him, and just gravitate towards those who make sense at the specific moment.

Over time, we can evaluate people more wisely, thus performing changes in relations (O’Connell, 2013). People fall in love and get married. Either an all-consuming love affair or family routine, both can cause lack of time spent together with one’s friends and put an end at the friendship. However, if a person really values his friend, he will find time for one, and the really strong friendship will endure that complications. Moreover, his spouse should understand the fact and assist.Finally, personal faults may end up even strongest friendship. There things that nobody should perform towards one’s friends. First of all, friendship does not tolerate lies. If somebody avoids truth and only tells you what you want to hear, he is pursuing own benefits, not yours. Such people do not deserve to be treated as friends. It is even worse if you are aware of the issue and keep the chronic liar in your life, because that means you are quite a similar one (Chernoff, 2014). Real friendship is strictly associated with the ability to support a person when he or she needs it. The people, who stand beside you during …

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