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Recommendation report for Sephora online order process

Sephora is an organization that features a selection of beauty products with over 100 brands that include Make Up, NARS, For Ever, Sunday Riley Skincare, the Urban Decay and the Too Faced Cosmetics (Kumar, 2005). Sephora sorts its own products including the make-up, skincare, the beauty tools, and accessories. The Packaging of the company products indicate the line features and company's stretched flame symbol in customary dark print. The Vendors usually become obsessed over e-commerce data, based on the desires of the customers and their preferences.

The use of technology to order products in stock for a company may unlock important data that companies may not collect anywhere else. For the Sephora Color IQ program, tasked to match customer’s skin with the suitable shade of basis. In order for Sephora to match the customer’s skin and the available suitable stock, the company partnered with another company, Pantone. A piece of hardware was then created to filter out external light used to take pictures of the customer, matching the skin color with the make up in stock. After the implementation of the use of Color IQ, Sephora Company management realized the 121 skin qualities recognized were more common than the rest, but the company did not have sufficient in stock products for several of the common skin tones. The company, therefore, found the need to come up with a system that would allow the identification of the tones and introduction into the existing stock in order to bridge the gap that existed between the need of the customers and the unavailability of the products (Megits & Schuster, 2015). The deficiency called for planning and stock management system relative to a market survey.

The high demand and low supply in companies occur due to inadequate market survey and lack of correct statistic of the target consumers. To harmonize the gap existing between the company supply strategy and the consumer demands, a market survey should be done to evaluate the rate of consumption compared to the amount of stock produced by the company in order to estimate the market gap and the amount of stock to be added to the existing stock.

Making the Inventory System more Efficient

Determining the most effective approach to improving the imbalance between the demand and supply of the Sephora online products require an organized strategy, the market analysis, the consumer consumption level data through the use of the latest network and database software, introduction to the team, the experienced members of staff knowledgeable in the business in its current state and able to predict the future trends based on the observation of the rate of demand increase or decrease over the past years beside some useful, old-fashioned meticulousness(D’Angelo, 2009).

The process, therefore, requires statistical representation of the exact deficit in products compared to the consumer demands.

The use of inventory optimization tools

The Inventory tools are important in the evaluation of the company network as a …

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