Recording and Analysing Information in HR (3RAI) essay sample

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Recording and Analysing Information in HR (3RAI)

A human resource (HR) department is important in any organization that has staff resources, it is a department that has been charged with finding, analyzing, employing and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs. Human resource director are responsible for overseeing the welfare of their employees, maintaining a good relationship within the organization and the development of individuals talents so as to achieve the integrated goal of the organization (Itika 3).

The contribution of HR department can be felt in every other area of an organization. Its main purpose is to develop high performing and effective work force by establishing a legal and ethical employment system, job design, distribution of employee benefits, designing employee motivators, ensuring employee discipline and strategy planning (Itika 10). On top of that, the department is also responsible for the collection, analysis, storage and access to the employee data.The HR data can be collected for various reasons. For instance, the data can be collected for legal reasons. This can be to show that the company is hiring staff at equal opportunity and to justify any firing or demotion made to any current staff. Secondly, data can be collected to provide information to the supply management department. This is used to allocate resource to the current manpower in the company as well as to budget for training expenses.The data collected can be either qualitative data which is used to rank staff and different work units and to reward raises and promotions or quantitative data which contains mostly human observations.

The personal information consists of the information about the employee name, id number, and nationality, date of birth and date of employment among others. The department can also use the employees’ contact information which contains the address, phone numbers, and physical address. The employee status may include the information about the state of the employee, supervisor name, and current department. The payroll information needed consists of the employee salary details such as gross salary, allowances, deductions and the net pay from the given allowances and deductions. The can also keep track of the employee schedules for training and the attended ones.

Finally, the staff performance can include information like employees’ current position and previous promotions.Storage methodsThis information can be stored in either paper file or Computer systems. When recruiting a new staff, they fill in several forms whereby they enter all the required detail about themselves. These forms are filed in a systematic order which makes the easy to access in file store rooms. They details can then be entered into a computer system which created a database that eases the access, manipulation and analysis of the information (Itika 47). Here, a computer system that enables one to create accounts and allocates them to the employees each with a unique identifier. In the account, the employees’ details can be entered and accessed with easy. The computer system simplifies and accelerates of …

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