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Redbull PEST analysis


Austria based Redbull company is a privately held company manufacturing and marketing the first of its kind energy drink under the brand name “Redbull” prepared from the unique formula developed by the company’s founder who got the idea to develop Red Bull energy drink drawing inspiration from the functional drinks of the Far East. The company was started in mid 1980s and the product was launched in Austria market for the first time as a unique product of its kind on April 1, 1987.

And now the product is marketed in more than 167 countries and 50 billion Redbull cans have been consumed so far as claimed by the company’s website. At the end of 2014, Redbull has employed 10410 people across 167 countries. The company is targeting the US as its core market and Far East countries as its growth markets. In 2014 alone, the company has sold 5.612 billion cans worldwide accounting for 4.2 % increase from the sales of 2013. In terms of EURO, the sales revenue touched 5.110 billion Euros in 2014 from 5.040 billion Euros in 2013. The increase is attributed to sales in the markets of Turkey, India, South Africa, Russia and Japan (, n.d.). Redbull is ranked as the 76th most valuable brands of the Forbes list and its brand value is $ 7.2 billion (, 2015).

Competitors are Living Essentials, LLC, Monster Beverage Corporation, Pepsico, Inc., Rockstar, Inc., The Coca-Cola Co (, 2013).A noteworthy feature of Redbull is that the cans in which the product is sold are recyclable. Redbull comes in two forms, one in conventional type and another in sugar free type. The company claims that Redbull vitalizes body and mind. It is claimed as a functional beverage that can be consumed whenever one needs energy. It is consumed by athletes and sports persons just before the competition starts as one celebrity Lindsy Wonn claims that she consumes it just 30 minutes before the skiing race starts. Mark Webber, a celebrity care racer endorses it as a functional drink and keeps it handy for use in training or competition. Robby Naish, a celebrity in windsurfing freestyle, kitesurfing wave, and stand up paddling uses Redbull before, during and after competition on water.

Company Website recommends consumption of Redbull while on road, lectures, study sessions, doing sports and playing videogames (, n.d.). The energy drink contains “caffeine, taurine, B-Group vitamins, Sucrose, Glucose and Alpine spring water” (McIntyre, 2014). Caffeine is well known for its stimulating effect. Tauarine is an amino acid. Vitamins are micronutrients that body requires to maintain its normal functions. Sugar used in the drink is obtained from sugar beets. The water used is of the highest quality. The drink is a functional product and not a thirst quencher as it is not formulated for re-hydration. As such, water should be consumed in addition during exercise or other activities when consuming the energy drink. It is safe to drink and does not …

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