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Student’s NameProfessor’s NameSubjectDD Month YYYYReflection “Already we knew that there was one room in that region above stairs which no one had seen in forty years and which would have to be forced. They waited until Miss Emily was decently in the ground before they opened it.”As it seems at first, “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is a simple short story. While reading it further, one realizes that these few pages were enough for the author to describe such an unusual, mysterious, and strange life of a woman. For the readers, it was enough to go through Emily’s complicated life, to realize her personal problems. The author depicts the tragedy of a sole woman, who imprisoned herself in her house while being free. Here, a woman is a ‘hostage’ of her problems but she does not understand it. Instead, she goes everywhere with the self-conceited expression, proud and self-confident like all noble ladies do. The story is full of deep and impressive symbols. All of them are very special; for instance, Emily’s grey hair, her thin gold chain, her entire house, and of course, that mysterious room which was eventually broken by the citizens of the town. The author demonstrates the conflict between one woman and the entire city. The inhabitants live their personal lives that are constantly changing. However, a woman is always the same; she does not want to change something. Time is her enemy; she fights with it, trying to save it. The writer raises the problem of the solitude and isolation from the world. The author describes the society in general, depicting the citizens of a sole town. Sometimes they are impudent or indifferent. They often like to interfere with somebody’s business, but it is no concern of them. Occasionally, it is important to help or give advice to each other but at a certain moment, men and women look as if they do not notice that. Thus, it is doubtful that the citizens did not suspect that Homer Barron’s body was in the Emily’s house. Her home becomes a symbol of all her problems and duties, which she cannot get rid of. It is a castle and a prison at the same time. There is only one room in the house where everything is quite different. Nobody knows about that mysterious place. The final paragraphs of the story reveal all the secrets. Although women seem to be strong and noble, their hearts are full of dreams. Emily dreams of the happiness of being a bride; to love and to be loved. Nevertheless, all these hopes have died without coming true. Faded shades of a rose in the room reflect the protagonist’s broken visions. Thus, the author warns young women that they should not live only in dreams because it may provoke insanity. The house of Emily becomes the symbol of the heart, which is full of wishes and disappointments. The biggest one is Homer. The author does not characterize his image clearly. …
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