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Gender and TV

Complete freedom of speech and press, the full independence of communication institutions seems to be an illusion. Thus, in this assignment I will present a reflection on topic “Gender and TV” and will focus mainly on the conflict between the role of the media as the social institution and its functioning as an economic enterprise with own profit objectives. I will investigate how possible profit for media owners makes them produce and distribute the media products which are full of gender-stereotyped images of women and men. That is why it turns to be a significant problem that images of women, which are created and broadcast by media, often full of gender bias and are sexist.

Investigation of gender aspects of media is important for changing attitude to gender in society. Thus these investigations are affecting virtually every aspect of the relationship of media and culture. One of the most prominent aspects of the study of gender is how gender is constructed by using the media. There are significant gender differences, especially in terms of how to use media. Different types of media content, as well as their production and use, are studied in relation to the nature of the expression of gender identity and differences in the "read" meaning and satisfaction, obtained from media products. Gender investigations for sure cause changes in the content of media messages and the possibility of their transformation towards gender partnership.

Their main goal is to address the question whether the choice and interpretation of media lead to any changes, becoming part of the resistance of women in social situations inequality (Gill 97).Mass media declares ideological neutrality, objectivity and impartiality as the main principle not only of own activities, but of existence as a social institution. Media appeal to a "conventional" range of views and values that underpin society and its functioning. This public "consent" exists for appeal towards hierarchically constructed social order with its distinct gender asymmetry (Made 32). Mass media exist due to the demands and expectations public - real or imaginary. To meet these expectations, they obviously have to work according to the rules "give what the audience wants" and express something that primarily focuses attention and turns to them most.However, the audience varies by social, demographic and ethnic characteristics; represent various categories which exist in different social worlds and different realities.

Thus media are trying to broadcast the defined list of problems recognized as common and socially important. It means that they can neglect the specific type of audience and information it needs in relation to its socio-sexual, ethnic, socio-demographic, educational and other characteristics (Lotz 104).Still, mass media not only change the way of thinking and perceiving the world. Consumers are specifically involved in creating media products and media reality, by "mosaic" of perception and personal involvement (McMillin, 14). For example, the consumer is deeply immersed in the communicative process rather than consumption of print or audio media. Mosaic of information supplied through TV …

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