Report on the Observation of Childhood Physical and Social Development essay sample

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According to developmental norms of 5-year-old children, a child of that age should develop a specific range of gross motor skills, such as running and jumping in an adult manner, walking on tiptoe, walking on a balance beam (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008).

The observation given involved a boy at the preschool age of five, whose activities were analyzed in the playroom of a kindergarten as well as at the playground. The boy was engaged in collective playing activities with other children. The child was active and motivated to participate in different kinds of physical activities: he ran, walked, jumped rope and sometimes was skating. He was not clumsy, all the actions were well coordinated and a good sense of coordination in space was observed. This allows to classify child’s development as normal. As for fine motor skills for children of this age, they include lacing (sometimes tying) shoes, grasping pencils in an adult manner, copying and drawing a range of figures, such as circles, triangles, rectangular shapes, etc (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008). The boy was good at all these activities. Also, he could color things within lines, distinguished and named colors and shapes, handled quite complicated puzzles as well as enjoyed cutting and pasting different shapes. Normally, play activities for children of this age include skipping, hopping, and jumping, playing games with ball (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008). Above all, the boy was actively involved in playing football with other children as well as climbing trees. He loved being involved into tray-toys activities, sorting his toys by colors or fabrics.

Usually, children of this age can easily count things to 10-15, and are often involved into cutting things out of magazines (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008). This was the case within the observation, which allows to classify the child’s development as normal. In terms of expressing emotion, 5-year-olds are quite sensitive (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008). As a matter of fact, during the games the boy recognized his emotions and could easily say whether he was satisfied or dissatisfied, angry or happy. At the same time, it is important that parents should help their children to recognize their emotions through different activities (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008). In such a way, a child feels free to express him/herself and more and understands the world as a comprehensive unit by perceiving others’ readiness to recognize emotions.

Actually this was the technique the caregiver in the kindergarten was using. As far as language and thinking development are concerned, children at the age of 5 are supposed to speak fluently. Children are supposed to correctly use plurals, grammatical tenses and pronouns (Destefanis &Firchow, 2008). The boy freely pronounced sentences 6-7 words long (e.g. “I want Jimmy to come back and tell he is sorry about that”, “Mommy will soon be back and bring me some cookies” etc). The boy appeared to be interested in words and language generally and easily got involved into language games aimed at the development of language skills. Children are usually observed to seek knowledge through …

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