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In her September 8th, 2006 edition in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rebecca Roussell notes that the number of people who sell homemade food, private chefs, is on the rise in the USA. They generate over $100 million in annual income with no signs of dropping as the available data indicates that the business is expected to make close to $150M in the next decade (Montgomery). On the other hand, the labor statistics from the Bureau indicate that the private cooks make up to $31,080 on average implying that it is a lucrative venture.The sellers of homemade foods or collectively known as private chefs are typically former owners of restaurants in search of better pays or own employment.

However, despite the fact that most of these private cooks have professional backgrounds working in a restaurant, some often go to culinary school or through apprenticeship before joining the business. On the other hand, the clients who often hire private chefs include the senior citizens, very busy professionals, individuals with specific dietary requirements and families.

Despite the fact that it may be hard to determine the total number of private chefs in the entire country, a look at the websites of culinary associations indicates that the number of private cooks is on the rise. For instance, the records from the personal chef Association show that by 2009, the association had over 25,000 registered personal and private chefs, and the number has almost doubled since then. With an estimated 9,000 sellers of homemade foods serving a customer base of 72,000, the number of people purchasing homemade foods is expected to double within the next five years (APPCA).

At Your Table conducted a qualitative study in which the asked customers the major reasons as to why they would wish to eat food prepare by a prate chef. In this study, these individuals that eat prepared at home by private chefs were required to explain with reason why they would wish to have such kind of food. The customers provided eight different reasons as to why they would opt to buy food prepared by a private cook (At Your Table).

The customers said that the ever increasing standards of leaving implies that the restaurants can no longer fulfill their needs thus the need for private cooks. Furthermore, the customers also responded that they do not want to be slaves when they host guests at their premises thus the need for private chefs to help them with the dinning needs. The customers also responded that they need their special occasions to be really memorable and private cooks can help them meet all these needs. They also responded that the private chefs have more recipes and variety of foods other than the restaurants. For the private cooks, they said that booking was relatively easy as compared to the restaurants since for them they will be readily available whenever needed (At Your Table).

Furthermore, for families that are relatively large, going to a restaurant would be very …

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