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The Global City


The Global City refers to urban cities that have changed due to globalization and urbanization. Since the Global City is a broad concept, the discussion condenses this theme by illustrating the changes and transformations that characterize the ‘Global City’.

Physical, socio-cultural, economic, and technological factors that facilitate change in the Global City were described. Physical changes include gentrification and the growth of local and foreign businesses as well as properties. Socio-cultural changes include diversity, economic changes include employment and social mobility, while technological changes include increased interconnectivity.

Despite these factors, however, climate change appears to be the major one that should influence the development of the Global City in the coming years. Due to the impact of climate change, urban planning and development must be influenced by plans to mitigate impending risks and threats.

Physical, Cultural, Social, Economic, and Technological Changes in the Global City and the Impact of Climate Change in Future Development


Various factors brought about changes in modern society. Some of these factors include industrialization, population growth, and technological development among others. Other factors include the need for employment, changing needs and lifestyles, as well as cultural transformation in society. All of these factors are interrelated if we want to explore the ‘Global City’ and urbanization.

The concepts, however, are too broad to discuss because exploring the Global City and urban development will involve a study of various areas. To narrow down the scope of the discussion, it will focus on two points: the various changes and characteristics of the Global City and how climate change affects the view or perspective of this concept as well as urban planning and development.

Considering the concepts and trends explored in the readings, we can say that the Global City has changed in many pays – culturally and socially, physically, economically, and technologically. All of these changes will be explored in the succeeding report to show that the concept of the Global City is flexible and depends on context. Hence, the Global City will be described based on physical, socio-cultural, and technological manifestations or characteristics. Outcomes of the research, reading, and synthesis of concepts show that the Global City is characterized by the observable changes that it undergoes and the idea that in the coming years, its transformation must by influenced by the threats brought about by climate change if we are to sustain the Global City’s development.

Characteristics of the Global City The horizontal development of the highly urbanized Global City illustrates the physical changes it undergoes as transformation takes place. Essentially, the horizontal growth of a city is characterized by a dispersed population in various spaces. This may be used to describe urban cities in the United States since populations are highly dispersed and concentrated in different spaces that can accommodate and provide for these populations’ needs.

Hence, the observable physical characteristics of the Global City following horizontal development include “vacant strips alongside roadways, seas of parking lots, unused land, surfaces awaiting development, dumping grounds, warehouse districts, a seemingly endless stretch …

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