Research Paper on Organizational Training & Development Programs on Employees essay sample

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Research Paper on Organizational Training & Development Programs on Employees

In the context of constantly accelerating globalization the world’s companies and organizations compete in all possible ways and, for this reason, spend a lot of time and money on improving knowledge, skills and motivation of their employees. They make their workers undergo a wide range of training and development programs.

So, what, in general, what are these programs about?

A&K: Well, the primary purpose of training programs is to improve the effectiveness of individual employees, teams, and organization in general. Development programs, on the other hand, focus on employees’ acquisition of a new knowledge or some new skills, their individual development and personal growth. But in practice, such programs, usually, overlap and are called just “training programs”, because in the era of rapid technological changes combination of training and development programs is a must.

WTTai: My colleague, certainly, has a point. Both training and development programs, in most cases, overlap and play a very important role in increasing workers’ flexibility and adaptability, which, in fact, results in better effectiveness and productivity of the whole organization. A number of recent researchers have shown that training employees’ motivation, along with training their skills and knowledge, defines to a great extent effectiveness and good training outcomes.

TRANG: Yes, it has been already proved by a number of researchers that training, which involves the mentioned above set of modifications, namely modifying employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes, really helps to achieve a more effective performance. In human resource theory training, which is aimed at achieving organizational goals by attracting and maintaining employees, as well as managing them effectively, is highly appreciated and considered to be very important.

JX: So the significance of properly conducted training and development programs seems quite clear. But how does an organization or a company define the main objectives of training they conduct? I assume, for better effectiveness and better results, it is a must to properly evaluate the goals of different pieces of training in accordance with the primary needs of employees and an organization itself.

TRANG: Of course, a comprehensive training needs assessment (TNA) needs to be performed beforehand. In the focus of TNA are, primarily, those individual, team and organization’s performances that do not meet the current standard. In other words, any such assessment is a process of identifying a certain gap between the current performance and the required performance. That is why, main purpose of any TNA is identify properly performance requirements, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the achievement of better performance. Such assessment should address the resources needed to fulfill an organizational mission, improve productivity, and provide quality products and services. An effective TNA should direct the …

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