Research Proposal. The Happiness and Life Satisfaction Relationship Within Various Ethnic Groups essay sample

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Research Proposal. The Happiness and Life Satisfaction Relationship Within Various Ethnic Groups

The Target Population

The target population for the investigation is represented by the European Americans and Asian Americans – two Ethnic Groups in the US.The SampleThe sample would be taken from each from a total number would reach 50 individuals or as many people I can get based on current work environment in Afghanistan. The total quantity of representatives would be set as proportional to the overall numbers of people, in both ethnic groups. It is estimated that in such manner, it is possible to represent the defined population in a complete manner, however it may not. Number of the GroupsThe sample would consist of two groups of 50 people, 25 individuals, representing European Americans and 25 people, representing Asian Americans.

Sampling Method

In the scope of this study, convenience sampling would be used. The core advantage of the offered method is that there is no need of identifying the inclusion criteria before selection of the particular subjects, since all the representatives of the target population are invited into the process of participation. The effectiveness of the chosen sampling technique may be seen at the exploration stage of the area of investigation. In addition, such approach is effective and convenient in the process of conducting the pilot data collection for further identification and afterwards, addressing the shortcomings, which are mainly associated with design of the questionnaire (, 2014).

While comparing this method to other available options such as using the Stratified Random Sampling, it is essential to refer to the fact that this method matches the need of the study, when the target population is divided into the sub groups as well as there is a high probability that the measurement of interest may be different within the sub-populations.In the case of sampling the population with the set of various strata, it is usually required that the proportion of each particular stratum in the same is the same as in the whole population (it means that the specimen of the target population form each group should be represented in the sample in proportion to their general number). Even while taking into account the fact that this technique is widely applied into the practice by the scholars from various areas in the cases of dissimilar or heterogeneous population, when there is an option of insolation the similar or homogeneous sub-populations, it won’t match the needs of current study, since there are no sub-groups in this research. (Asthana and Bhushan, 2007); (Congalton and Green, 2002). The major advantages of the chosen method (convenience sampling) in comparison to the other available methods, are the following: there is an option of data collection within the limited timeframes and this method is cost effective (, 1998).

After comparing these two possible methods, it is possible to make a statement that Stratified Random Sampling cannot be used in this research, because there …

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