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Research WorkLaser For Periodontal Treatment


The process of pathology resides not only in inflammatory character during the periodontal treatment. Dangerous is the denudation the necks of the teeth due to the destruction of tissue around teeth. In this case, the teeth for a long time retain their anchorage. Accretion and purulent discharge will appear on the teeth and gingival will increase pockets. The patient complains of itching in the gums. Progressing periodontal disease can lead to complete loss of the tooth. The main causes of periodontal disease are not known yet. However, his role is played by heredity and general predisposition to the disease. The development of periodontal disease is on the background of various pathologies, such as diabetes mellitus or atherosclerosis. Particularly denutrition affects tissue surrounding the tooth. Recently, excellent results show a laser periodontal treatment. Laser is the most effective method of treatment the periodontal disease. Using it is achieved high sterility. This treatment requires no painkillers. Only local anesthesia is sometimes used. Laser treatment can quickly clear the cervical area of the tooth, disinfect periodontal pockets. It often happens that a one disease complicates the second. For example, diabetes can seriously worsen the patient's condition if it has periodontal disease. Controlling periodontal disease, it is possible to control diabetes. This assumption is based on the fact that as periodontal disease as diabetes destroy the patient's tissue. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the two ways of treatment the periodontal and diabetes diseases. According to Offenbacher (1996), diabetes is a disease which produces insulin deficiency in the human body. Periodontitis is a disease which destroys the tissues of the teeth gums. Diabetes enlargements the risk of periodontitis. (Azevedo, F. de Paula Eduardo, Moreira, C. de Paula Eduardo, & Marques, 2006)

Keywords: laser, periodontal treatment Laser for periodontal treatment

The laser treatment

In 1960, Theodore Maiman invented the ruby laser. From that time, it has already become one of the fascinating technologies in dental surgery. Using laser made possible the revolution of several areas in dentistry treatment. The laser has become an alternative to dental drill in practice and now is commonly used in most decisions. The laser has a wide range of applications, which allows its use in the periodontal therapy and in dental surgery. Its use is also possible in the utilization of implants, which confirms its favor in modern medicine. In order to become a full-fledged tool for periodontal practice, a laser needs more comprehensive studies. This article provides insight into the use of a laser for periodontal treatment. Last century, there has been a numerous evolution of the dental drills. Despite the fact, that huge progress has been made in surgery field, examinees are still frightened of the sound and vibration created by dental machine. For last twenty years, there has been a incessant increase in the evolution of laser-dental tools as part of photomechanical …

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