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Hindustani music originates from the North India and is a kind of Indian classical music. This music is based on the various traditions that date back thousands years ago. The Indian music involves performance of the musician and also his improvisation. It is important to note that the central point of the Hindustani music is the harmony which is conceived in the process of creating the music and reflects the mental world of the person.Hindustani music is based on the musical traditions which have been passing from one generation to other one through the ages. The art of the Indian classical music is impossible to learn from the ordinary textbooks from which we got used to taking knowledge. In the Indian musical culture the figure of the guru is the implementation of the tradition. He gives the heritage of the Hindustani music to the students, learns them to respect the tradition and treat music as a sacred thing. The guru teaches the students not only to create the music but also to be a good performer at the stage (Newman 1980: 58).

One of the most remarkable features of the North Indian music is that it reflects the performance of the past and the present at the same time. Due to that fact that the Hindustani music has been changing through the centuries, there appeared different techniques and models of performing this music. Thus, all the musicians learn to play the music using various techniques from the past generations and they are training till the guru approves their composition as the tradition manifests the correct performance. On the basis of existing models the performers create the new composition adhering to the old patterns (Ruckert 2004: 53).All the musicians are guided by their spiritual and social worlds while performing the music. They try to combine the harmony, beauty and religion with the material life. In the spiritual world the musicians could produce the miracles, get the intellectual wealth and their souls harmonize with the social life. Most of the people are concerned with their material existence and they can`t get the satisfaction of life. However, the musicians do not limit themselves with all the stereotypes imposed by the social world and their music is aimed to awaken the individuals` soul, make their spirit live. Therefore, the music gives the person inspiration for the future and releases from the problems of routine (Khan 1996: 109).

Ravi Shankar is one of the famous Indian musicians who introduced this music to the Western world. He tried to preserve the traditions of the Hindustani music and did some experiments with the Western music. This musician used non-Indian instruments which led to the fusion of Indian and Western music ( Lavezzoli: 426). His decision to fuse the music of two different cultures and preserve the Indian tradition was accepted critically in his country, however, the Western world appreciated his music. Therefore, Ravi Shankar honored the old tradition of the Hindustani music by giving it …

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