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Retrospective Analysis of Personality

This paper was quite interesting for me as far as I really took a chance to analyze my life and all changes, which had happened to me. I always wondered what changed my personality and affected my world perception and outlook. Now I can give an answer. I think the main reason was environments as well as different people around me. I was never indifferent to people’s problems, so I always tried to help in the way I could: with a supportive word, firm hug or effective action. I did not give up doing this even after people let me down.

Another important feature of my personality is acting silly sometimes and my sense of humor, which can be sarcastic at times, but it is what I cannot change and what I need in my life no matter how old I am. It helps me to overcome cloudy gloomy days, difficult situations, keep positive view on things and just add a little bit happiness to everyday routine. However, as time flies I changed my perception and attitude to people in my surrounding. I have been betrayed, lied, let down for reasons I would never understand. After being hurt by the closest people in my life, I became more protective of my feelings as well as my personal views. Now I try to select very careful whom I can trust, what I can expect from this or that person, with whom I can share my innermost secrets. Unfortunately, I used to follow the saying “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

Looking back and analyzing my personal experience, events, which I have lived through, I believe that nature plays an important role in my development. Nature gives us inborn abilities and features. While we mature and grow, nurture shapes these genetic propensities. Is it correct? “Nature vs Nurture” debate continues since scientists still argue about how genes and environment affect who we are. Theory states that genetic influence person traits more than environment does. However, we cannot neglect environmental influence on our behavior. For example, when conditioning is used in order to induce child’s behavior or protect child from some kind of behavior. One of the main psychologists in this nature vs nurture debate was John Watson. Once he said that it is possible to train a baby, which was chosen at random from the group of 12 children, to become any kind of specialist. He stated that it was possible to do regardless children race, talents, potentials. It is hard to decide if human development is already inclined in DNA or it mostly influenced by environment, people around us and our personal experience.

The human brain is much more powerful than any personal computer in the World. However it does not mean that it abilities is not limited. Simple calculator can do math much better than we can. We have a lot of cognitive biases, which make us decide something questionable or conclude something …

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