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Rhetorical Analysis

An Author’s Note:

The paper aimed at providing a completely different approach to understanding same-sex couples’ rights. The work proved that marriage is a significant part of society. Since marriage is considered to be important under Constitution, same-sex couples should have equal rights. Different countries, such as Australia, Slovenia, and Colombia take measures to approve of same-sex marriage. Therefore, the author aimed at providing significant pieces of evidence in order to encourage people to reinterpret their attitude to same-sex couples and their rights in particular.

The author’s main purpose in writing this text was to demonstrate that gay rights advocates have taken important measures to protect the rights of gays and lesbians and grant them the right to get married at the national level. Gay rights advocates were happy when the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision granted the couples of same sex the right to get married at the national level (Jost 1). The author provided sufficient examples to show that the problem of same-sex couples’ rights is important not only in the United States, but in many other countries as well. The Supreme Court of Mexico guaranteed that same-sex couples have the right to marry and local officials should give them a license (Jost 4). The Parliament of Slovenia approved of the marriage of same-sex couples. However, there can be a referendum organized by the opponents (Jost 4). The intended audience consists of the members of the class. The author used significant pieces of evidence in order to communicate the value of the analyzed issue. The author used different textual features. First and foremost, the author used different subheadings to group the ideas.

The subheadings were written with capital letter and bold printed. The author provided the chronology to demonstrate what measures have been taken to improve the rights of same-sex couples. The author hopes to make a number of changes in the audience’s vision of the analyzed issue. The author hoped to change people’s attitude to same-sex marriage. Therefore, the author provided chronological events to show that the voters all over the world aim at meeting the interests and requirements of same-sex couples. Approving of same-sex marriage and adopting the laws that approve of the equal rights of same-sex couples, they encourage people to have the same position and develop a tolerant attitude to the same-sex marriage. The author used effective persuasive strategies. The author organized the ideas in a consistent, concise and clear manner. First and foremost, the author wrote about the marriage ruling. The author described the positions of influential people, such as Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Kennedy, President Ronald Reagan, President Obama, and others in order to influence the opinions and attitudes of ordinary people. Secondly, the author used different pieces of evidence to support the analyzed issue. The author wrote about difficulties and problems that prevented from approving of same-sex marriage. It demonstrated that people should appreciate and value the work of …

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Tags: sex, marriage, same, people


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