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Role of HR Professional


Contemporary organizations are characterized by an extraordinary number of pressures. Among them are environmental pressures that include rapid technological change, tougher competition, and increasing globalization; organizational changes that include new hierarchies and structures, new ways of assigning work, and new organizational alliances; most importantly, organizations exhibit high rate of changes in the workforce such as employees’ capabilities, priorities, and demographic characteristics (Valerio, & Lee, 2005).

For organizations to successfully navigate through these pressures and changes, they need to have competent and well- skilled human resource professionals. For this reason, this report evaluates what it takes for HR Professionals to effectively manage the pressures that exist in an organization. The paper also analyzes the underpinning knowledge, behavior and skills set out by the CIPD's HR Profession Map and are necessities for competent HR Professionals.

What it means to be an HR Professional

Being an HR Professional means that one adds the greatest sustained value to the organization he or she operates in, currently and in the future. He or she should demonstrate a mastery of many functions of Human Resources. An individual should demonstrate the highest standards of professional competence of the organization according to the CIPD's HR Profession Map for him or her to qualify an HR Professional (Younger, et al., 2012).For one to be an HR Professional, he or she must demonstrate the ability to master and apply the core skills of insight, strategy, and solution, as stipulated by the CIPD's HR Profession Map. As a crucial requirement, an HR Professional must have the capability of dealing with the numerous daily challenges that arise in organizations.

A competent Human Resources professional should demonstrate the ability to resolve all types of issues that arise in organizations relating to the employees, regardless of how simple or difficult the situations are, in a calm and fairway (Younger, et al., 2012). An evaluation of the two core professional areas, selected behavior, and the bands, as illustrated by the CIPD's HR Profession Mapa. The two core professional areasThe CIPD’s HR Profession Map clearly shows ten professional areas. The two core professional areas illustrated by the map are; Insights, Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR.

These areas are appropriate for all HR professionals of their location, role, or their stage of career, whether working with the organization or working inside the organization (Younger, et al., 2012). These core professional areas uphold the concept of HR professionalism in that; they describe what activities HR professionals need to carry out and what they need to know at the four bands of professional competence. Furthermore, the professional areas outline the primary behaviors that HR professionals need to display when doing the activities.b.

Two selected behaviors

The CIPD's HR Profession Map displays eight behaviors that describe how HR professionals are required to carry out their activities in organizations. Each behavior in the map is related to four bands of professional competence. The two behaviors that I select from the map are …

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