Roles of women in Carolingian Scoiety and Christianity essay sample

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Roles of Women in Carolingian Society and Christianity

In this paper, the roles of women in Carolingian Society and Christianity would be critically assessed. Valerie L. Garver (2012) has claimed that the women, especially the representatives of the elite, have been the active participants of the process of shaping as well as perpetuating the beliefs, behaviors and practices, which have created the culture of the Carolingian lands in the timeframe of c.700 and c. 925.

The major contribution to the culture, made by them, may be traced from the texts of that timeframe. after conducting an analysis of the existing rhetoric, regarding the aristocratic women, it is possible to make a statement that their actions have been highly appreciated, valued and recognized. It was expected by the churchmen that the elite women would be the active participants of the Christian reform as well as its rapid popularization within the region. The major reason for such expectation was the fact that women have participated in active communication with the layer of population, with which the contact of clerics was minimal - children, other women, and social inferiors.

In other words, the aristocratic women have been provided with an option of transmitting the religious ideals and persuading other people for acting with the Christian virtue. Carolingian women have been engaged not only into the set of the current religious matters – they have been also the active participants of the social, cultural and political spheres of their day. It was recognized by the ecclesiastical leaders that there was a need of issuing some allowances for the lay elite. For instance, the set of the potentially sinful characteristics, behaviors, or possessions has been tolerated by the religious men among laywomen so long as these females have cultivated the domestic virtue in order. The major reason for such cultivation was their intention for preventing the life of excess. That is why, there was an option for the aristocratic women to use the opulent appearance in order to demonstrate the familial prestige and wealth as well as to enhance the mail’s status -as members of the elite (Cantor 48).Even while taking into account the fact that there is a set of the definitions of gender, offered by the scholars, the lion share of the investigators accept the fact that the gender is mainly based on the norms and beliefs rather than on the objective observations of males and females.

For instance, Garver (2012, p. 6) has used the gender for representing the cultural and social expectations of women and men as well as the ways in which perceived differences of masculinity and femininity make their impact on the social relations. The extent, to which the early medieval women were influenced by gender, was the subject of the set of debates, but at the same time, it is claimed to be the fundamental factor for forming the female identity in the Carolingian world. All people, living in the medieval age, have contended with substantial economic, social, and political …

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