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Romantic Period

A literary movement is a group of writers having common ideological and aesthetic views and coming from a certain country and epochs.

Classicism, Romanticism, Sentimentalism and Realism can be considered the most significant and influential movements in literature in the period from 18th century to the present time. Romanticism is of the movements of this period, which has greatly influenced American, European and Russian literature of the late XVIII - early XIX century. The main subject is a person, his character and relations with others (Brooklyn College English Department).

Romanticism is very different from other movements. For example, for a Classical hero it is important to be erudite, enlightened, while a Romantic hero is a person with unstable desires and emotions. The imagery of Romantic works richer and the hero is idealized. Classicists divided genres into high and low; they oriented to antiquity, and kept to unbreakable unity of action, time and place, while these frameworks didn’t exist in Romanticism at all.

Compared to Sentimentalism, which is one of the important trends in English literature of the middle and later decades of the 18th century, Romanticism has more spiritual fulfillment. While the Romanticism narrates of the inner world of man, the Sentimentalism focuses on human suffering and experiences.At the beginning of the XIX, occurred a new literary movement, the Realism, which was completely different from the Romanticism. The difference lies in the fact that the Realism shows a true picture of reality - a typical character in typical circumstances and the Romanticism shows an exceptional character in exceptional circumstances.One of the most brilliant and versatile figures in English Romanticism of the 18th century is Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a poet, critic and philosopher. His merit to English literature is that his Lyrical Ballads, (1798) written with William Wordsworth, started the English Romantic movement (The Literature Network).

Finally, it is necessary to mention that the revolutionary energy of the Romanticism influenced not only literature, but other arts such as music, painting, sculpture and architecture. Some critics believe that the Symbolism and the Realism, which followed Romanticism, were separate developments of the contrasts created by Romanticism itself (Brooklyn College English Department). All in all, Romanticism not only transformed Western culture in many ways, but also spread throughout the world.

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