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In my life, I have always had the dream that I will one day be a powerful politician, that I will one day be the president of the USA. When I was young, all I ever did was read about the Life and Times of powerful and prominent politicians such as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton fascinated me the most because of how he was raised up, and how after becoming the president of the USA seemed to have a different direction from his predecessor. It seemed that the USA was being reborn again. He seemed to be loved by everybody in the world, and particularly in the USA. I remember one day listening to Snoop Dogg a rapper based in the USA i.e. before president Obama became elected.

He said in an interview that Bill Clinton was the closest (African American) president that they (meaning people from African American descent) would have for a president. The reason is that he had their welfare at hand.Comparing him to George Bush senior and George Bush junior, his political views seemed to be geared more towards peace than war. During George Bush senior rule, the country participated in the Gulf war, and during George Bush junior rule, the country invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq stating that it was eliminating terror, and destroying weapons of mass destruction. He was always my hero and I had even nicknamed myself as BC i.e. initials to the former president of the country. However, my views in regards to Bill Clinton and the political system of the USA changed after I watched Hotel Rwanda.

The movie is a depiction of the 1994 Rwanda genocide that involved the Hutus and the Tutsis. In 1994, during Clinton’s administration the population of Rwanda was approximately seven million people comprising of 85% of Hutus and 14% of Tutsis. The Tutsis even though were the minority; they comprised the ruling class of that country. Political tensions in the country had been slowly building up, and in 1994, the then president Habyarima was assassinated when his plane was shot down on April 6 of that year (1994).

After the president was killed, the genocide began and it is estimated that 800,000 people i.e. three-quarters of the Tutsi population was killed in this genocide. In Hotel Rwanda, which is a true story of Paul Rusesabagina, who was a hotel manager at that time, it shows how he risked his life by providing shelter and hiding over one thousand Tutsis as they were being hunted down by the Hutu militia. Although Paul is a Hutu, his wife is a Tutsi and this makes his family’s life to be in danger. After seeing some of his neighbors being killed brutally i.e. people were being killed using machetes, and clubs, he begins to negotiate with the local militia, often bribing them in order for them to spare the lives of the Tutsis that he was saving at that …

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