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Safety at Texas Wesleyan University


In the course of my investigation, I identified the problem of safety on the campus of the Texas Wesleyan University as the most important contemporary issue, which should be addressed. The importance of this problem can be supported by the Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs as shown on the Figure 1. As it is possible to see on the figure, the need for safety stands next to such physiological needs as eating or drinking.Figure 1: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.As argued by Maslow, the satisfaction of human needs goes from the bottom of the shown pyramid and up to the top; and the upper level personal needs of self-actualization cannot be satisfied before satisfaction of such basic human need as safety (McLeod).

This means that students would not be able to pursue their educational objectives to develop into a self-actualized personality if they have constant concerns about their personal safety. Moreover, safety issues can be negatively reflected on the education of students, their negative attitudes towards the educational establishment and the society and the local authority. Hence, the problem of security should be one of the most important concerns affecting the University policies. It is especially important if an educational establishment is located in an inappropriate social environment, such as a city district with significant number of jobless individuals, which live below the threshold of poverty. Drug and alcohol abuse can be common in such localities posing threat on every person, who has activities in that location. Currently, the students of Texas Wesleyan University frequently experience car stealing and smuggling on the territory of this educational establishment. A few months before the presentation of this proposal one of the students was mugged with use of firearm on campus of the university. This accident is an indication of an emerged problem, which should be addressed by management of Texas Wesleyan University.

The Texas Wesleyan University is an educational establishment that is having problems with safety policies. My proposal emphasizes the importance of solving the safety issues, which can be reflected on the public image of the university and negatively affect the educational experiences of the students. This proposal is targeted at the authority of the university. It represents the feedback in the system of administration of this establishment. The management of the university needs to receive necessary data to conduct analysis, to make corresponding assessments and to follow these processes with affirmative decision-making to diminish a serious problem evolving on campus of this educational establishment. The accidents with smuggling and car stealing, which have happened recently, identify the importance of this problem for every individual on campus. It is obvious that this educational establishment has experienced such problem previously too. Taking care of this issue is the concern of the university in connection to future development. The students who are currently studying at this university are even more vulnerable to the effects of this problem because their education is dependent on the success …

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