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Safety in the Healthcare Facilities

Part 1.

In healthcare facilities, appropriate fire drills should take into account the vulnerability of some patients, especially the physically disabled. The evacuation procedures should be simple and not involve tasks such as breaking windows to escape (Walshe, & Shortell 2004).A written fire safety plan should include An identification of the potential fire hazards in the facility and their proper ways of handling and storing them.Proper and well- defined evacuation procedures in case of fire outbreak.

The doors in public facilities should be situated in places where exist is simple, especially during a fire outbreak. The perimeter of the door should take into consideration the high number of people that would want to escape, and therefore, should be wide enough. The lighting in public facilities should be adequate to enable easy evacuation (Buchanan, 2001). Firewalls are designed fire barriers that prevent the fire from reach some locations or places in case of a fire outbreak (Wang, 2003). Environment safety for healthcare employees helps prevent contacting health complications in the healthcare environment. For patients environment safety quickens and facilitates their healing process. In general, environment safety creates an environment with reduced risks such as of fire (Walshe, & Shortell 2004).

Part 2.

The age-related changes of skin include wrinkles and sagging of the skin. The skin may also become rougher, develop lesions, and become slack (Barr, & Hayne 2000).The age-related changes of muscles include the joints becoming stiffer and less flexible, and the long bones of the legs and the arms becoming brittle (Barr, & Hayne 2000).

The extrinsic risk factors for falls are assistive devices, physical environment, and footwear. The intrinsic risk factors for falls are gender, age, and the previous history of falls. The elders proof a facility against falls by ensuring the availability of support structures to hold on to in prevention of falls. Stasis cancer is a local excavation or defect or the surface of a tissue or an organ, produced by the sloughing or necrotic inflammatory tissue (Byrd, et al., 2010). Prevention includes elevation, bed rest, and pressure bandages.The steps to proper foot care include the appropriate cleaning of the foot and prevention form getting in touch with contaminations.


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