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Safety Risk Management


The Annual American Culture festival remains scheduled for Independence Day Weekend at Flat Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Florida. The event serves as a platform that allows the public to celebrate American art and culture. Consequently, the fiesta will attract more than 100, 000 attendees, artists, musicians, jewelers, sculptors and graphics artists. The show creates various health and safety risks that threaten the well-being of individuals attending the event. Therefore, it is important to explore solutions that enhance the experiences of the attendees and guarantee human safety.

Risk Identification

Independence Day is a principle event that attracts several Americans to festivals, shows, and events. The fiesta goes along with elaborate and extravagant fireworks shows that entertain the masses. Nonetheless, fireworks shows that involves a large crowd poses a significant safety risk as witnessed in previous displays (Silver, 29). For instance, explosions cause injuries, deaths, stampedes and fire outbreaks that lead to disaster. Notably, events that attract large crowds risk mass death in the case of an accident during the fireworks show. Thus, the management team seeks to provide a risk aversion procedure that increases the chance of a safe and successful fireworks display on Independence Day. Brainstorming, interviews and the review of previous events place the risk at a high level.

EMBOK Classification

It is important to categorize risks based on their nature, severity and impact based on the EMBOK model. EMBOK is an organization that offers informative and reliable information on the logistics of events management (Silvers, 32). The domains of EMBOK include administration, design, marketing, operations and risk. The fireworks event falls under the risk domain because it is an important safety issue affecting the organization of the display. The risk falls under the functional category of health and safety.

Risk Management

Improper handling of fireworks threatens to cause injuries, death and anarchy in the event. The risk management process is a system designed to ensure that the display operates within the confines of safety procedures. The first risk management step involves the control of the tendering process leading to the acquisition of fireworks. Notably, the event management targets to vet the explosives for quality. The supplier ought to prove that they hold a license to supply good quality products for the show.Insurance is an essential part of every event because it covers risks and protects stakeholders from damages (Silvers, 39). The management team seeks to cover the fireworks show with an insurance company to guard against potential damages. Moreover, the organizers intend to control the handling of fireworks and explosives within the show. It is crucial to ensure that professionals execute the show and lead people in the display. The organizers will ensure that the fireworks area remains restricted to the public through the development of a fence. The team expects to hire security personnel to guard the explosives and prevent the public from accessing the restricted area.All stakeholders play a crucial role in the management of risks in an event setting. The organizers will educate staff on the …

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