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Saving Private Ryan is the most realistic movie of military action, according to many critics and veterans of the WW2. The film is about the heroic deed, which was made by several US soldiers. They risked their lives for the sake of life of some unfamiliar person.The film is based on a historic event - the landing of Allied troops in Normandy in 1944, as well as on a true story, but with some adjustments.

After the simultaneous death of 5 Sullivan brothers in 1942 on the cruiser Juneau, was made generally Sole Survivor Policy. According to this rule, if one of the brothers died during the fighting while serving in the army, the rest of the brothers were supposed to be "protected" from death and returned to the United States. The prototype of Ryan brothers were Niland brothers. There were really four of them, and all of them served in the US Army, and participated in the war. The brothers were together, but after the death of Sullivan brothers were assigned to different units. Their mother was not a widow and had not received three funerals in one day. Most importantly, there was no special group of search and evacuation of her only surviving son - the man who was the prototype of Private Ryan. When it became known that his two brothers were killed, and the third is considered as missing, he was returned back to the US. Later they found out that his brother Edward, considered as dead, was taken as a prisoner by Japanese. Almost a year later he was released, and he also returned home.

The life of every American soldier is important for sure. That is why the real war officer will not risk a group of soldiers, and send them behind enemy lines for the sake of one soldier, the last survivor of four brothers. But the film has another purpose - to show that even though the US is the superpower state that saves the world, but her main value is the life of every American and every American soldier. For it the US is ready to go till the end. This is the basis of American democracy, American heroism and valor, the foundation of American way of …

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