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Scholarship Appeal

I am writing this appeal correspondence in the hope that you will reassess your earlier declaration to put my scholarship on hold for the 2016 fall semester. The verdict to discontinue my scholarship was arrived at by the Scholarship Committee following my failure to meet the requisite GPA average of 3.0, which was essential for the scholarship renewal; my overall GPA score for the 2015/Spring2015 academic year was 2.98.

I wholly acknowledge the fact that the loss was entirely my error, and in spite of your rejoinder to this request, I am forever grateful to the Committee for giving me the sponsorship in the first place. In this appeal note, explanations are made as to why I did not succeed in meeting the renewal benchmarks for my scholarship the previous year. Also, I provide a description of the planned resolutions that I have in place to avoid similar mistakes from ever recurring to safeguard my scholarship and to ensure that the progress towards attaining my degree is not hampered. Together with the explanations, I have also attached valid documents.In truth, my first few days in the country, and at school, were nothing like what I had been expecting. It was tough on my side as the new climate took a toll on my health. I fell sick and was diagnosed by with a fever the first week of my stay in the campus, a condition that led me into skipping many significant orientation programs.

The condition made it difficult for me to hand in my academic papers on time, leave alone to prepare adequately. Besides, adapting to the new environment, mentally, proved a big challenge following the culture shock followed. I encountered many stressful situations and dilemmas that placed a lot of pressure on my emotional well-being leading to my eventual withdrawal from the public to the confines of my room. That is, my self-esteem took a big fall following some undesirable encounters with the host students who, most of the times, misunderstood everything about me from my dressing cord, language accent, and viewpoints, to my complexion. Explicitly, in the first few days of the semester, I was so lost in my biased perspectives, in addition to the many sickness instances I had, that I found it entirely difficult to focus on the quality of my studies.Eventually, it was too late for me to make effective comebacks when it came to the end year examinations. That is, from March 2015, around midway in the first semester, I realized that my academics were being affected negatively and began a recovery initiative, albeit to no avail. The fact that I had already lost much of my study time meant that I had to go extra miles on studying, a situation that further strained my emotional state. My performance in the subsequent short-term assessment tests varied widely with every “tough” external complication that I kept encountering. Ultimately, when the final semester tests came, I realized that it …

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